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Bayer's Breeze 2

Breeze 2
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The BREEZE 2 meter from Bayer Diabetes Care is particularly useful for people with diabetes who are leading an active lifestyle, or would like to live a more active lifestyle, whether they have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

The BREEZE 2 meter is self-contained and may be carried in the pocket. The 10-test disc houses a series of test strips, meaning that there are less small, delicate adjustments to be made.

The BREEZE 2 is also robust enough to be used on the move.

For those who lead an active lifestyle

The BREEZE 2 has helped professional rugby players and snowboarders to take control of their diabetes, but it could be useful for any person with diabetes who is considering taking more exercise or travelling.

For those that do lead an active lifestyle, their way of life may affect their blood glucose levels.

The BREEZE 2 lets active people with diabetes test their blood glucose with a minimum of fuss.

No need for reloading

Because of the 10 test disc, the BREEZE 2 blood glucose monitor won’t need reloading whilst you are half way up, or down, a mountain… or midway through a race for that matter. The BREEZE 2 is complete with Bayer’s No Coding™ technology, automatically coding each new set of disks.

Breeze 2 Product Contents

  • Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Meter
  • Breeze 2 User Guide
  • Breeze 2 Test Disc with 10 tests
  • Microlet Adjustable Lancing Device with 10 Sterile Ascensia Microlet Lancets
  • Carrying Case
  • Record Diary
  • Warranty Card

Breeze 2 Product Information

  • Individually Sealed Test Strips for Extended Life
  • Convenient 10 Test Disc
  • One-step to Test
  • No Coding Required
  • 420 Test Memory
  • Small Blood Sample (1μl)
  • Results in 5 Seconds
  • Selectable Averages (7day, 14day, 30day)
  • Diabetes Management Software Supported

Breeze 2 Features and Benefits

  • Accuracy: No Coding™ technology makes it easier to get an accurate reading at each test.
  • Small sample: Small samples make testing easier.
  • 5 seconds: Accurate results in 5 seconds
  • 10 tests: 10 on-board test strips present in each BREEZE 2 disc.

With contributions from Diabetes Expert Sue Marshall.

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