Diabetes Survey 2013

Help shape diabetes treatment in the UK

The Diabetes Survey 2013 has now closed. Winners of wristbands will be announced by email. Pleas feel free to browse the site or join in at the Forum.

To begin, please tell us:

2. What are the first 2 digits of your postcode?

e.g. CV, B4, SW, TS

3. What is your ethnic origin?

4. How are you affected by diabetes?

5. Which type of diabetes do you/does your child/does your friend/family member/does the person you care for have?

6. In which year you/your child/your family member/the person you care for diagnosed?

7. Is the person with diabetes you care for a career choice?

8. Which medications do you take specifically for your diabetes?

9. Do you regulally take any of the following medications?
10. Do you have any of the following diabetes related complications?

11. What was your latest HbA1c reading?

12. How often do you test your blood glucose on average?
13. Are you prescribed test strips?
14. How often (if ever) do you have to buy test strips?
15. Where do you buy test strips from?
16. Have you ever had prescriptions for blood testing supplies reduced, denied or withdrawn by your health care team?
17. How recently was this?
18. How much do you worry about having your access to test strips restricted?
19. Would you use an online pharmacy service to receive your test strips?

20. In the past 6 months, has your health care professional/DSN changed your meter?

21. Which meter were you given?
22. In terms of accuracy of readings, on the meter exchanged by your DSN. How does your new meter compare with your old meter?
23. In terms of your ability to manage and understand your blood glucose levels, on the meter exchanged by your DSN. How does your new meter compare with your old meter?
24. Compared to your old meter, how would you rate the support you now receive from the new meter manufacturer?

25. How many blood glucose meters do you regularly use?

26. Did you buy the meter or did you receive it free?
27. Where did you buy your meter?

28. How did you get the free meter?

29. How long have you had this meter for?
30. How often do you tend to get hypos (under 4mmol/l)?
31. How often do you tend to have a serious hypo?
32. How much do you worry about having hypos?
33. Do you intentionally run your blood sugar levels high for any of the following activities?
34. Would you be interested in seeing more information on Diabetes.co.uk about any of the following topics?
35. Do you take any suppliments to compliment your diabetes management?

36. Do you smoke cigarettes?

37. How often do you drink alcohol?

38. How much exercise do you do per week?

39. Do you stick to a particular diet plan to help control your diabetes?

40. Are you a member of a gym?

41. Why not?

42. How would you rate the professional support you receive as a carer?
43. How would you rate the emotional support you recieve as a carer for someone with diabetes?

44. Do you worry about what might happen to the person you care for if you were unwell or otherwise unable to care for them?

45. Do you take any actions to care of your own health?
46, Would you use a forum that was specifically developed to allow carers of people with Diabetes to share experiances and advice?
47. What improvements would you like to see as a carer of someone with diabetes?
48. Finally, do you use any kind of technology to help you care for your diabetes?
Thankyou for completing the Diabetes Summer Survey. Please choose the wristband that you would like to receive: