Life Insurance for Diabetics

Getting life insurance as a diabetic can be difficult. Premiums on life insurance for diabetics are likely to be higher than for non-diabetics, as it has been proven that people with diabetes are a higher risk for insurance companies. However, this doesn't mean you have to pay over the odds.

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It is important when filling in a life insurance policy application form to declare both your diabetes and any complications resulting from it. Failure to do so could lead to an insurance company ruling non-disclosure, invalidating any claims that you make.

How do I get diabetic life insurance?

If you choose to get a free, no obligation diabetic life insurance quote from this site, just use our online life insurance enquiry form above.

What happens next?

When you confirm to an insurance company that you are a diabetic looking for a life insurance policy, they will generally require you to fill out a questionnaire.

In this instance, you may be asked to provide more information, and your GP or consultant may be asked to provide information. At the insurance company, an underwriter will then assess your risk, and may increase premiums or exclude certain conditions.

How are premiums on diabetic life insurance calculated?

Premiums for diabetics will usually be ‘loaded’. This means that the standard premium, for a person without diabetes, will have a multiple applied to it to take in to account the increased medical risk factors for diabetes.

This is often done on the basis or gender, HbA1c, type of diabetes and age. The table below shows some guideline multiples to give you a rough idea of what additional premium loadings may apply to you.

Diabetic life insurance premium loadings for men
(Type, Age)
HbA1c of
4% - 6%
HbA1c of
6% - 9%
HbA1c of
9% - 10%
Type 1 - Aged 30 to 40 125% 125% - 200% 200%+
Type 2 - Aged 30 to 40 100% 100% - 175% 175% - 200%
Type 2 - Aged 30 to 40 50% 125% - 200% 125%+

The guidelines in the tables are based on a non-smoking male or female who is 5'10" and 12 stone with no other medical or health factors.

Diabetic life insurance premium loadings for women
(Type, Age)
HbA1c of
4% - 6%
HbA1c of
6% - 9%
HbA1c of
9% - 10%
Type 1 - Aged 30 to 40 150% 175% 175%+
Type 2 - Aged 30 to 40 100% 125% - 175% 175%+
Type 2 - Aged 30 to 40 75% 100% - 150% 150%+

If an individual has an Hba1c reading of more than 10 then they would generally be referred to a specialist provider for individual consideration.

Why are people with diabetes considered an increased risk by life insurance companies?

As a general rule, most life insurers will act on the fact that:

  • Premiums will be loaded depending on age, date of onset of the condition and control levels
  • Critical illness cover is currently not available for diabetes
  • Control levels are established by obtaining HbA1c readings, certain blood tests (including fasting glucose) and testing the urine for the amount of glucose present

There is a term known as higher risk individuals amongst those with diabetes. These are people who will typically have a higher premium compared to others who have diabetes.

These include:

  • Younger people with diabetes
  • People who have had the condition for longer periods time
  • People who have not had diabetes for 12 months (due to the fact that readings can fluctuate dramatically in year 1)

Other risk factors will increase premiums for diabetes life insurance. These include smoking, high blood pressure, retinopathy, BMI and abnormal lipids.

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