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  • Resurgam
    Posted by Resurgam on Feb 20
    For the first time I have seen a reading below 5 on the meter. My insulin is obviously having an effect again, rather than being ignored, as I am continuing to eat 'normally' on low carb, but my ability to control my blood glucose is increasing. I have the third diabetes education session in a...
  • Dairygrade
    Posted by Dairygrade on Feb 20
    Good evening all I was wondering if any one on the forum could give me any advice on joint pain suppliments Vitamins etc since I had my strokes and (getting older lol )I'm getting a lot of aches and pains especially hip pain I take pain killers but thought I would try something else need...
  • Ultramum
    Posted by Ultramum on Feb 20
    Slept well with the Lidl roll snack late evening but ... FBG this am was 8.6 Decided to have just coffee with a bit of cream to see if that came down with no breakfast 2hrs later 9.3! Thought perhaps my liver keeps dumping stuff into my system if I don't eat then remembered that I have...
  • Ultramum
    Posted by Ultramum on Feb 19
    FBG 8.0 Two slices of cold fathead pizza 2hrs later 9.7 Pre lunch 7.3 Broccoli and Stilton soup plus sugar free jelly, full fat yogurt plus cream 2hrs later 6.6 Pre tea = 7.2 Tea: Baked Camembert with garlic, rosemary and walnuts. Cabbage stir fried in butter. Mushrooms cooked in butter...
  • My hubby was so sceptical about getting rid of breakfast cereal it was almost comical. He seemed to be worried that the girls would not be able to continue living out a normal existence without it but would be shunned from society due to the cruel actions of their mother. I exaggerate a...
  • This little appley hybrid was a creation of last night. Pastry, cinnamon apples and a crumble topping. Ah and a creamy sugar free custard. Keep an eye out for this little beaut! [ATTACH]
  • Hi I am Suzie I have been a type 1 diabetic for 33 years I have just turned 45 and also suffer from hypothyroidism , never have I been on a forum and spoken to other diabetics I tend to suffer in silence !!! I love to read and travel a lot with my other half, I am a keen music fan as my partner...
  • As a family we were fortunate to spend the first part of January in South Africa. With 2 shift jobs between us, 2 children (9 months and 2.5 years), pets and our other commitments we rarely get to have just holiday time so to have 10 days in the sun was bliss. This soup is the perfect pick me...
  • Cindysully
    Posted by Cindysully on Feb 18
    hi everyone, I am type 1 and have had this for one year, For my hypo kits I have.... Small cans of pop (asda 4 for a £1) Gluco tabs Small chocolate bars Or small single packs of biscuits Single cartoons of orange/apple juice I will have a drink and chocolate bar or Drink and a biscuit,...
  • pugster75
    Posted by pugster75 on Feb 18
    The next 10 days was spent in hospital, not being able to weight bare on my right foot as I now had a big open hole in the ball of my foot, which wasn't abled to be closed as there was no flesh there to seal it with. I had small drain pipes coming out of it too. When it was dressed for the first...
  • pugster75
    Posted by pugster75 on Feb 18
    The day of my op was a tense one. I had to wait until 2pm before they came to take me down. I was so scared, never been in hospital, let alone have surgery. Everyone was lovely and made me feel easier. Keith was the man who put me to sleep. He knew that I was anxious about it all and didn't want...
  • pugster75
    Posted by pugster75 on Feb 18
    Hello, my name is Sam and my journey has been a quick and rocky ride. My story started on the 8th October 2016, when I was sitting in my drs consultant room with a manky foot. 2 days earlier, I had stepped on a drawing pin at work, (i work in a school with lots of little people and I'm lucky...
  • Ultramum
    Posted by Ultramum on Feb 18
    My meter arrived today. I got woken by the postie just before 10 am - broken night's sleep so lying in! Fasting blood glucose was 8.1 - not brilliant but better than 10.8 two weeks ago. Had a Babybel cheese for breakfast as wasn't feeling particularly hungry - need to decide whether to have...
  • Hi, I have been on Metabet SR four times a day 500mg tablets since Jan 17. I have a good diet and I do exercise. My readings are (fasting) between 15 and 19. I really don't know what else to do? doctor don't want to see me until April. Any advice other than the usual diet and exercise?
  • Ultramum
    Posted by Ultramum on Feb 17
    I have a fridge full of various unidentified tupperwares containing things like grated cheese and cauliflower couscous plus almost enough double cream to sink a battleship! I have quite few low carb low fat recipes which I basically am converting by adding a slug of double cream and a dollop of...
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