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  • I Was diagnosed type 2 about 3 years ago..I was told i would not get a BG test monitor, so I bought my own equipment to self test..I recently found out that I could have bought the items VAT Exempt ..I was not told this by my Dr or diabetic nurse or the pharmacy i use..I had to inform the...
  • Resurgam
    Posted by Resurgam on Jan 18
    I just took my BG and it is the lowest I have recorded - something seems to be happening to my metabolism after two months of low carbing. I have seen my average levels of before and after my evening meal gradually drifting downwards, and not altering very much between the readings, but I am...
  • Resurgam
    Posted by Resurgam on Jan 18
    Yesterday I got a sudden increase in BG up to 10.7 mmol/l which only decreased to 8.9 at bedtime and today my fasting level is 8.7. That is rather worrying, as I had been seeing numbers in the 7s and low 8s even after eating. I am going to reduce carbs down to the lower levels I was on when I...
  • kokhongw
    Posted by kokhongw on Jan 18
    The current mainstream view of T2D is very glucose centric. We are looking only at the glucose side of the problem...simply because it can be tested easily and readily. What most of us are not aware it that impaired fasting glucose for T2D is preceded by years of elevated insulin levels...
  • clearhead
    Posted by clearhead on Jan 17
    I have found that a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water taken before dinner helps my digestion and lowers my glucose reading on the following morning. Has anyone else tried this?
  • Well wen t to the doctors last week with a pain on my left side fo chest , feeling absolutely drained nose running like a tap , sweats on exercise all not like em at all. The doctor gave me Doxycyclin A/Biotics and almost finished them and still feel shattered and not well. Just walked the...
  • alanfcox
    Posted by alanfcox on Jan 16
    I understand that many people that have diabetes are not given personal record books where all of their related tests and medications are recorded. I am one of the lucky ones that have one and can see my results, medications and changes that have occurred since diagnosis. One of the problems...
  • Resurgam
    Posted by Resurgam on Jan 14
    I am just coming towards the end of the second month of LCHF and the difference between my before and after eating BG levels was just 0.7 mmol/l today. My pre meal levels are still between 6.5 and 7 mmol/l which is a bit high, I think, but the small elevation by food should mean that my Hga1c...
  • Having been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in March 2016, my GP recommended starting me on Metformin immediately. However, in the few days between receiving the results of the blood test and seeing the GP, I was fortunate to discover the Newcastle University Research Study which highlighted the...
  • Alliboo_
    Posted by Alliboo_ on Jan 10
    I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My GP is urging me to start taking Metformin. I do not wish to start taking medication as I would like to control my diabetes through diet and exercise. I have asked if I can see a dietician to help me plan the correct diet but have been told there...
  • Resurgam
    Posted by Resurgam on Jan 9
    I bought a couple of boxes of grapes when out shopping, the large ones with seeds as sold in Lidl - and I did really well with the first one, eating only a few each day. This is done by taking a few out of the box and then putting it back in the fridge. A simple ploy but it works. Then I was...
  • PatsyB
    Posted by PatsyB on Jan 9
    That is christmas over with and another new year began. wonders what this year will bring. I have had a cold what hubby brought home and cant seem to shake the feeling poorly effects of it. tired and feeling down all the time and even chesty but hate going to the doctors I will see how i feel...
  • How do you bring these things together to live a happy life with out wanting to end it.
  • And today was one of them and it was huge. I started the day at 6 ( a bit of a lie in) with 25 mins on the exercise bike whilst watching Clash of The Titans. I ate my omelette and spinach with some black pudding and had a cup of black coffee. Blah blah blah...homework and housework. 10:30...
  • foxy
    Posted by foxy on Jan 6
    Friday 6th January 2017 Another restless night but filled it with being online and it's amazing how quickly the time goes.. so I eventually went to bed at about 5am. .. had a good sleep until 9 when I like to watch "The Wright Stuff" especially the news updates. Although I do like Richard...
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