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  • So here I am in the US, now on Metformin SR and the road is bumpy. So I duly upped my Metformin instant release to three tables a day having not really had many of the more unpleasant symptoms usually associated with these tablets... until I went to three. Severe headaches, dodgy stomach in the...
  • CHIET1
    Posted by CHIET1 on Aug 17
    I have been battling insulin resistance now for many months. I don't quite know what caused it, maybe eating too much fat, maybe eating too much protein, maybe stress, maybe sleep, maybe my reduced carb intake?? So many possibilities and no definitive answers! Almost four months ago, my first...
  • SockFiddler
    Posted by SockFiddler on Aug 17
    [MEDIA] I used to spring out of bed, fully formed and ready to go. These days it seems I have to spend some time mentally switching everything in on. It's much less like waking up sprinting and much more like getting ready to launch one of the old space shuttles - ready checks, flipping...
  • Here we go for the annual blood test before my yearly review, oh Joy . Had the feet done , weight and pre appointment . However the diabetic nurse cant find any veins . So , here we go , last year I had 5 yes 5 appointments for one sample of blood . Unbelievable I know , what they did manage to...
  • Resurgam
    Posted by Resurgam on Aug 16
    We have had a very busy time recently. I went to the local arts university to service the knitting machines for them, then in the next week went to two days of the Sidmouth folk festival, one near the start and the last day, stayed for the procession and fireworks, then back for one last sing...
  • I've now lost half a stone and it seems that my organ fat has finally woken up to what is happening and is fighting back! Oh I sooo want biccies, cakes and chocolate and I'm really struggling. I know I'm not really hungry, but these cravings are so hard to fight off - I'm saved only because I...
  • SockFiddler
    Posted by SockFiddler on Aug 16
    A very cool, relaxed start to the day yesterday, with Euan almost maturing before my very eyes. I remember when he turned 10 - I sobbed at it having been a decade with him in my life already, and desperately wanted to go back to the start and do it all again. And I felt very much that way...
  • absolutely bloody nowhere - despite being good etc etc etc. On the plus side I have run 5km three times this week. I guess for now I need to try just getting fitter as whatever is keeping my metabolism at 89 is rock solid !
  • SockFiddler
    Posted by SockFiddler on Aug 15
    It's the calm before the storm and, actually, so little happened yesterday (a recovery day) that there was very little to report and I didn't have the brain to concentrate on writing. Today, though, felt much better and have been posting with other members about pain, pain management and so...
  • Sean01
    Posted by Sean01 on Aug 14
    If you are using a daily walk, no matter how brisk or gentle, please share and inspire others to join in. If you are having trouble: coping with BS levels, feeling crap, miserable, where has it all gone wrong etc, and you are physically able to do so, please try walking - even if your first...
  • Metabolism_Boss
    Posted by Metabolism_Boss on Aug 14
    I went into a “can’t be bothered” mode yesterday. Felt fed up of endlessly eating leafy things and got into a right strop with myself (ridiculous eh?). Ended up barely eating anything. I will have to try out some new recipes to try to generate some interest. I seem to have developed salad...
  • Resurgam
    Posted by Resurgam on Aug 13
    Now my waist measurement is 39, and I weigh just 16 stone. It is exactly 40 lb down from my highest weight, but that is only 1/3rd the way to my goal. I will probably be as deflated as last weeks party balloon, but the reduction in pressure on my joints will be worth it I'm sure.
  • This would be funny if it wasn't so frustrating, Good day yesterday , had a bit of wine and cheese before bed, right back to where I started - again.
  • hmmh nuff said
  • SockFiddler
    Posted by SockFiddler on Aug 13
    I'm not scared of medicine. Even as a kid, I'd be at the very front of the line for immunisations and examinations and the dreaded TB inoculation. People thought I was terribly brave, but the truth of it was that bravery didn't come into it. I just looked at the line and, specifically, how...
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