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  • Resurgam
    Posted by Resurgam on Apr 28
    I tried fasting - not for very long, but still longer than normal between meals, but that put up my BG so I thought that I would try getting up earlier and eating so that there is more time between meals. That seems to have lowered my general levels and I was down at 5.4 today before eating my...
  • I found this yesterday looking for the low carb bread mentioned in a thread This bread mix from the Protein Bread Co. here in Australia is 1.5 grams carbs per slice. There is a shop close to where we go shopping, so may call in and get a couple of bags to try.
  • CHIET1
    Posted by CHIET1 on Apr 28
    June 2014 - 4 months after diagnosis, I find a doctor advocating a low carb approach to manage my diabetes, get control of my blood sugar and reduce injected insulin requirements. Doc's guidelines in terms of nutrition - low carb, high protein and good fats (avocado, olive oil, nuts). Low GI...
  • bulkbiker
    Posted by bulkbiker on Apr 28
    Have been doing this (more or less ) for a month now Figs this morning Weight 15 st 5.4 pounds 215.4 pounds Body fat 28.6% Visceral Fat 13 BMI 29.2 Best results ever on a Friday weigh in when I record all these figures. I have been mixing up the fasting and not sticking exactly to the OMEOD...
  • I have finally broke through into 5.00 plus mmol/l average for the last 90 days. It has taken nearly seven months to finally crack the barrier. [img]
  • I don't believe it. Another kidney stone. Thankfully (yeah right) small enough to pass without medical intervention - so right now, I am without pain, because it's day light and I'm awake. Tonight, Nessum Dorma. (Not the kind that sleeps six and does 40 to the gallon either) For the males...
  • Les89
    Posted by Les89 on Apr 24
    I'm feeling hot and sweaty for 3 weeks I know it has to be due to very high bloods but it has'nt responded to treatment. I ''ve increased by insulin and tried to limit my carb intake but to no avail can anyone help.
  • http://type1kirst.weebly.com
  • MarkE
    Posted by MarkE on Apr 23
    Well, a fun week that was- housebound by a viral infection and likely a similar week about to follow. Symptoms: sore throat, aching body, cottonwool brains, constant hacking cough, sneezing fit to bust, sore nose, lips cheesegrated to heck and back, and just to top it all off every so often I...
  • leslie10152
    Posted by leslie10152 on Apr 23
    The human psyche has an inbuilt sense of being part of a group. Being a part of a team, tribe or movement, if you understand. We all want to belong to a like sense of understanding within a group. This is a survival trait, to group together to be able to survive against adversity. This trait...
  • When you draw blood for a glucose test, especially at the fingertips - beware of foreign material lodged in the skin in that area. This can radically alter the reading on your glucose meter. Ensure the area is clean and free of any possible material that could be holding any form of sugar. The...
  • LowCarbMummy
    Posted by LowCarbMummy on Apr 22
    [ATTACH] I invented these low sugar low carb cupcakes during a baking day with my small girlies. We refined them recently for the smallest smalls birthday. The beetroot gives them a beautiful earthy background flavour (and their striking colour of course!) with a chocolate kick coming through...
  • ijack320
    Posted by ijack320 on Apr 22
    Hello You guys, this is the first time I have Blogged on here but I have type 2 Diabetes and take insulin, I also suffer with Neuropathy both peripheral and Autonomic. I have neuropathy in my feet, legs and hands, the pain got so bad in my left leg and foot I was referred to pain management...
  • mindy
    Posted by mindy on Apr 20
    I have been Type 1 diabetic for 44 years. Since having children 22 years ago I have had huge problems with hypos. They are frequent and aggressive despite specialist treatment at a top hospital. I have been declared unfit for work by my GP and have had my driving licence revoked again earlier...
  • leslie10152
    Posted by leslie10152 on Apr 20
    I think we've all been through it at least once in our lives. The Rebound Effect, YO YOing, The Bounce. The situation where you find yourself falling into hypo territory and you frantically try to rescue yourself by any means possible. I have fallen into this trap on occasion, and it never gets...
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