Triple Zero Stevia - 100 % Natural Sweetener
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Triple Zero Stevia - 100 % Natural Sweetener
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Triple Zero Stevia is the 100% natural, zero calorie alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar.

Triple Zero uses the very best pure Stevia, combined with naturally occurring nectar (found in some fruits) known as Erythritol. The secret to the delicious taste is our innovative growing and blending techniques.

  • Triple Zero is 100% natural 
  • Zero calories per 2g serving
  • Bake and cook with Triple Zero
  • Compliments coffee and tea perfectly
  • Low GI means it doesn't spike blood glucose levels
  • No additives or adverse side effects

This 500g pack is especially for those who want to replace sugar in cooking and baking.

High in antioxidants and with zero calories and a zero glycaemic index, Triple Zero Stevia does not increase blood sugar levels or cause weight gain, making it highly beneficial for management of obesity and diabetes without impacting lifestyle choices.


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Customer reviews
from 8 customer reviews
delicious sweetener
by rita on 23/05/2014
delicious natural sweetener is really good. it tastes better than sugar but is a lot healthier and is kind on my blood glucose levels. i have used it on cereals and cooking before and it does go a long way. would recommend to ALL diabetics and anyone who is trying to lose weight
wasn't convinced until i tried it
by beth on 23/05/2014
not really been a fan of fads but this stevia is really good. great in tea
Great in tea
by Me on 23/05/2014
Great in tea. Tastes sweeter to me but wife does give me 3 spoonfuls
Best tasting stevia
by Jon Mo on 23/05/2014
Tried many stevias from many companies. This is by far the best tasting one. NO AFTERTASTE which is EXACTLY what I require. I've ordered 3 more today.
good for tea and snacks
by JT on 23/05/2014
no aftertaste and is nice and sweet - the nicest stevia i have tasted
by Kelly on 28/05/2014
Replaced the sugar in our tea and hubby can't tell. Quite like the taste - sweeter but doesn't feel as weighty as sugar. Converted to stevia for drinks and will try a cake this weekend. x
moving away from sugar
by notafanofsugar on 03/06/2014
I LOVE sugar and this has been replacing our sugar intake for the last few weeks. The kids can't tell and it's definitely better on my bloods so all in all happy campers.
Last batch i recieved was Granulated not Powder as before
by madusmacus on 03/01/2015
Means you have to use twice as much - hope its just a batch problem or I will have to go elsewhere - anyways ill by some more and see :¬)
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