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The HYPOWALLET is a portable hypoglycaemia management kit, designed specifically for people with diabetes and/or their carers.

Containing a range of hygienically sealed, measured glucose treatments, this easy to identify emergency kit is an essential tool for people who need to carefully and confidently manage their diabetes.

Each HYPOWALLET contains:

  • 1 x 10 pack of chewable Orange GlucoTab ( each tablet contains 4g of fast acting carbohydrates)
  • 1 x 60ml shot of GlucoJuice
  • 2 x 25g tubes of GlucoGel

Wallet Dimensions: 14cm x 9.5cm x 5cm

Special Notes: (GlucoTab, GlucoJuice and GlucoGel)

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • No added colours or preservatives

Replacement and / or additional products for your Hypowallet can be purchased via the Diabetes.co.uk shop.

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Category: Glucose Tablets and Treatments
Customer reviews
from 15 customer reviews
Agree with Jogn
by Irene on 23/05/2014
I agree with John - these are lifesavers. Had mine in my car and was hypo so popped a few GlucoTabs and helped get my bloods back up.
its so good i bought 4
by Amy Etchells on 07/06/2014
these are really useful as they have glucotabs, glucojuice and glucogels which are really good for hypos. i keep 2 in the car and 2 in the house, one upstairs and one downstairs.
Don't forget your wallet
by Chaz on 29/05/2014
My dad is insulin dependent and we got this kit just in case he has a hypo. This wallet is a lifesaver - the Hypowallet is absolutely brilliant. It has everything you need for the emergancy as it has several ways of administering fast acting carbs to a friend/relative or if you youself are diabetic. My advice is do not go without one of these!!
Great product
by Tajinder on 11/08/2011
Have got to advise it - a great product at a good price even with postage.
A bit bulky for me
by Clinton Dunlop on 30/08/2011
Whilst the contents of this wallet are excellent it is bulky in my opinion.
Great product
by Perfect on 25/07/2011
Great product and very cheap! Thanks!
by Sue Lineham on 03/10/2011
I was lucky enough to get this item in a give away offer from Diabetes.co.uk. I never really had a problem with hypos till I had a heart bypass op and and afterwards when at home from hospital had quite a few. I found this kit a life saver and I do mean that. Cane replace all items in the kit at not a great expense and handy to have it all in one kit at hand x
Needs a belt loop
by Simon de Tute on 01/11/2011
Good product but needs a belt loop
by Carol on 19/10/2012
A nice little selection & good value for money. All you need in one place. The case is durable but a little bulky. You can remove the gels & replace with a meter(Accu Chek Mobile). A Flexpen will not fit though.
HypoWallet Review
by Tracey Saunders on 09/08/2011
When I read about these HypoWallets I immediately purchased two of two them and I don't regret it one bit. These wallets are compact and small enough to fit comfortably in your handbag and they everything you need for when you experience a Hypo. What I like about this product is that it has a variety of hypo solutions that you can either administer yourself or some else to administer to you, ie. GlucoGel and a drink. The Glucose Tablets are taste really nice and the drink is also pleasant tasting. As for the GlucoGel, those who have taken it before, it still doesn't nice but it obviously does what it is supposed to. I do now keep a HypoWallet permanently in my car for emergencies and I would recommend that anyone like myself who suffers with Type 1 brittle Diabetes or any other type of diabetes to purchase one or more of these wallets. They are life saving and worth every penny.
Great product
by Julie sheriff on 23/04/2016
Brought this to go in my handbag. I have just been put on insulin and was worried about hypos, having this kit really takes away the worry of hypos. I know I can treat a hypo should one ever occur.
Brilliant product
by Julie sheriff on 20/06/2016
So glad I brought this product. Saved me when I had my first hypo.
Hypo Wallet
by John Chrich on 24/11/2013
This has got to be my purchase of the year.I keep it in the car door with some simple instructions what to do. I have told all my family & friends where it is. It has saved me quiet a few times this summer when i was fishing i had quiet a few hypos when it was red hot. I have also been able to treat other people with it as well.I am going to purchase some more & put one in the house & one at a wellness centre where i go as well. This wallet is well worth the money you pay for it & refills are easy available as well.I get the gel on prescription from my doctors.
by Glynis Grove on 03/12/2013
This is a good item but it is bulky and expensive to replace the supplies.
Good but incomplete
by Jaime Graham on 24/01/2014
I think there is one important item missing from this pack and that is instructions. If I were to lose it because of a Hypo and have to rely upon a stranger who was also a stranger to Hypos and Diabetes, they would have great difficulty knowing what to do. Because we are Diabetics, we assume everybody knows about it - they don't.! It would be a small thing to enclose4 an illustrated guide to the contents and how to use them. I have had to write my own. Rest is 5*
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