Airline Food and Diabetes

Airline food can making healthy eating difficult
Airline food can making healthy eating difficult

Diabetes experts recommend that people with diabetes don’t require specific 'diabetic' meals onboard; however, the non-diabetic meals may include sweet puddings.

Eating the right food can be even more difficult when you are stuck on an aircraft with a restricted menu.

If in doubt, it may be worth contacting the airline in advance.

Airline meal portions do have a tendency to be quite small and this, together with the long wait times between meals on long-haul flights, means that people with diabetes should go prepared.

Carry snacks

You will likely know which snacks are suitable for raising your blood glucose levels without being unhealthy. If not, do some research in advance and carry an adequate stock of snack food on board with you. This can stop your blood glucose levels from going too low.

Read the menu carefully

Although people with diabetes are advised to select standard airline menu items, it is important to read the menu carefully and make your selection based on your blood glucose levels.

Don’t neglect medication

Going abroad is exciting, even if you have a long plane journey to get through.

With all the distractions of films and games and the excitement of travel it is important to keep testing blood glucose levels and not to neglect your insulin or other medication.

Airline meals may affect your blood glucose in different ways, so stay aware.

Eat well

Fresh fruit and snacks are often available in between meals. Diet drinks with low calories are often also available.