New study important for diabetes

Thu, 22 Dec 2005
As a diabetic, making sure that one’s blood sugar is closely monitored and controlled can be a major factor in reducing the risk of both stroke and heart attack, a new study claims. Strict control of blood sugar may reduce risks by as much as half.

The results were part of a federal study conducted by the Harvard Medical School in Boston, to be published in the acclaimed New England Journal of Medicine. The study was gleaned from data involving 1,400 diabetics who were followed over the course of a decade. This is the first evidence that controlling blood sugar levels aggressively may seriously reduce the risks of major complications.

An expert who co-chaired the study, David Nathan, proclaimed that ‘this is the most important diabetes news of the year.’ Indeed, the results do have enormous implications. With this certainty, the debilitating complications that can cripple or even kill diabetes sufferers may be reduced in impact. The scale of the diabetes problem is vast and growing on a global level. America alone has 21 million diagnosed diabetics, a figure that is constantly rising as obesity grows and the ageing demographic increases.

This study, known as the landmark Diabetes Control and Complication Trial, should be treated as an extremely positive development for diabetics. Strict control of Type 1, as never before, should be practised now. A further study will investigate heart disease and strict regimen links.
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