Risk factors for diabetes highlighted by Fitness magazine

Tue, 03 Apr 2007
The April edition of the American health and exercise magazine Fitness contained stark warnings for the 21 million diabetics and over 40 million pre-diabetics in the USA. The risk factors for diabetes identified by the magazine may surprise many people, and as Fitness said, they may help to lower diabetes risk.

For instance, not having breakfast dramatically increases diabetes risk. The article director of the magazine, Pam O'Brien, reportedly commented: "So many of us skip breakfast because we're busy and just grab a cup of coffee . It's one of the worst things you can do. People that eat high fiber cereals respond better to insulin."

Other surprising risk factors include large waist and high stress . O'Brien reportedly commented: "All of them were kind of surprising, but how much the waist thing raised your risk surprised me most. We're talking the apple-shaped body, fat in the abdomen, fat that is really dangerous."

The Fitness list of diabetes risks included:

Watching TV for over two hour daily increases risk by 14 per cent.

Drinking one fizzy drink per day increased risk by 83 per cent

Skipping breakfast increases risk by 50 per cent

Having major depression increases risk by 23 per cent

A large waist increases risk by 330 per cent

Nocturnal restlessness increases risk by 98 per cent

Eating fast food twice or more per week increases risk by 100 per cent

Having high stress increased risk by 184 per cent

Eating lots of processed meat increases risk by 43 per cent
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