Diabetes drug could change treatment

Tue, 08 Jan 2008
A small startup pharmaceutical company is at an early stage in the development of a very interesting diabetes treatment .

Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, who have been in the media in the last few years for their invention, have created a diabetes drug that can mimic the influence of diet and exercise using a daily pill.

The diabetic drug, known as SRT501, is in first-stage human clinical trials. The drug apparently activates the cellular mechanism that are triggered by exercise or a low-calorie diet. The drug could therefore help diabetics to control their disease, and even increase lifespan amongst patients.

Before the Sirtris drug gets any close to being in general release, numerous clinical trials are necessary. The drug could also have a role to play in aging-related diseases such as cancer . The drug could potentially allow diabetics to eat what they like whilst still getting health benefits of a good diet and regular exercise.
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