Patients reveal full impact of diabetes

Mon, 17 Aug 2009
According to a recent study conducted by leading diabetes charity Diabetes UK, people with type 2 diabetes often suffer from a range of other issues. These include sexual problems and anxiety regarding further diabetes complications .

The charity studied 2,500 patients with diabetes, and found that a quarter had suffered from sexual dysfunction, whilst 10 per cent had experienced diabetes retinopathy . Most of those surveyed were concerned about further diabetes complications.

A consultant diabetologist from Cardiff, Dr. Marc Evans, was reported in diabetes news as commenting: "These results illustrate the everyday challenge facing those living with type 2 diabetes . If not managed correctly, this condition has wide-reaching, long-term implications."

Meanwhile, Caroline butler of Diabetes UK reportedly said: "It's essential that everyone with diabetes works in partnership with their healthcare team to help manage their condition effectively."
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