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What will become of the NHS?

The Government is planning some bold changes to the structure of the NHS –by way of their proposed Health and Social Care Bill.

Health and Social Care Bill 2011

One of the key propositions is to hand GPs control of commissioning and budgeting. Each GP practice will join a commissioning consortium. It is not currently known how many consortia there will be but it is likely to be at least a few hundred. The idea is that by directly involving GPs in commissioning, decisions for where money is spent will be moved a step closer towards patients.

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Six year old Jonathan swims to raise money for diabetes

Jonathan is 6 years old and loves to swim so he’s raising money for diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, by swimming half a kilometre. Diabetes is close to Jonathan’s heart as his gran and other family members have type 1 diabetes.

Jonathan wanted to raise money by swimming in July’s Swim for All event in Wakefield, however, as Jonathan is only six, he cannot take part in the event. Unhindered, Jonathan has arranged to do his bit by swimming the 500m distance at his local swimming baths.

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Why so little spent on diabetes research?

With all the money spent on treating diabetes, is it not about time that governments committed some more money towards research to help beat the rising tide of diabetes?

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