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Got diabetes something chronic

Chronic disease -this is the charming name that was given for the first appointment I had at my most recent practice.

I do wonder whether anyone thought that this phrase might appear maybe just a tad on the blunt side for what was in reality a simple ‘diabetic review’ appointment. It seems as though common sense has prevailed as they’ve recently changed the name of the appointment to ‘long term illness’.

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Cerys and the insulin gang raising money for diabetes

Cerys is 9 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January this year. She’s a born star, having raised money for a boy with cancer and, since being diagnosed, for diabetic charities too.

Shortly after her diagnosis Cerys wanted to raise some money for the charity Diabetes UK. Cerys organized a tea party and had about 20-30 people in her front room helping to raise money. Many of her friends, family and even school teachers came along, including the headmaster. Read More

Behind the wheel with diabetes

As someone on insulin I have to be particularly careful when driving. More than just testing blood sugar levels before each journey I’m conscious of where my sugar levels may be pretty much throughout the whole journey. I find I tend be pretty much constantly aware of how I’m feeling to make sure I avoid low blood sugars and any danger of an accident. Read More

Type 2 diabetes and the blame game

There are a number of discussions we probably all see going on about how people with type 2 diabetes have made themselves fat and brought it upon themselves.

  • “They chose to eat this way, it’s their fault they got diabetes.”
  • “People overeating are eating away at our tax money.”
  • …and such like.

We know that the effects of type 2 diabetes mean that, unless aggressively countered, a vicious cycle is entered into and it takes at least a long and concerted effort to break out of it.

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NHS Trusts: Fat cuts vs fat cats

In the news we’re hearing two different sides of the NHS. Purse strings are being being drastically tightened on NHS Trust budgets whilst the top NHS earners’ own take home pay is healthily growing year on year.

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