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Tory MP: “People who eat doughnuts for breakfast should pay for their own healthcare”

Earlier this week, Tory MP Phillip Lee made the brash statement that if people eat doughnuts for breakfast, they should be expected to pay for their own healthcare.

The MP, who is also a practising GP has claimed that the rising cost of obesity and other lifestyle-related diseases could potentially bankrupt the NHS unless people begin to take more responsibility for their health. Dr Lee suggested that having people with long term conditions related to obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption and other lifestyle choices pay for their treatments at cost price would reduce the burden on the NHS.

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Positive Spinning

Last Thursday was that most quintessential of American holidays, Thanksgiving.

Now and then someone will ask me “What’s the reason for Thanksgiving? Why is it a holiday?”

My stock – cheeky – answer is “To celebrate overeating!”

The true meaning, of course, is in the name: it’s a time to reflect, to appreciate the blessings of life and to focus on what we have, rather than what we have not.

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Feeling sick but positive.

To follow on from my first post, I’ve now completed the second week of the Atkins Induction and have lost another kilogram. That’s a total of 4 kgs in the two weeks! Great, except that I can’t see or feel any difference – I’d really like someone to notice the development. Too early I suppose.

The Induction Phase doesn’t really suit me – I don’t like any meat except poultry and fish. I love vegetables and all this salad with olive oil leaves me a bit queasy and I miss the comforting stodge of pasta, rice and mashed potatoes. Still I’ll continue at this level a bit longer and try to lose more weight.

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Traffic Lights

You’re probably familiar with the traffic-light nutrition labels – more companies are using them, even some supermarkets have adopted them. There is still a lot of discussion – will they truly impact eating habits? – but in the meantime, you see them cropping up more frequently.

It’s an easy at-a-glance first-level filter to help you determine how – or whether – to fit certain foods into your eating plan.

What if you extended the system? What if you used it as a guide to customize a personal plan?

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New Job as a Stand In Pancreas

My name is Emma, I’m 31, married to my partner of 12 years, and we have 2 children, Meical aged 8 and Jac aged 3. Eighteen months ago our lives dramatically changed when Jac (my little baby aged just 2) got very poorly very quickly and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. In retrospect we were actually very lucky that our GP was on the ball, and coupled with the fact that I had miraculously caught a wee sample from a toddler that was not potty trained, we were immediately sent to A and E at our nearest hospital when the GP saw the dipstick results.

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All about Me

I found my 60th birthday this summer hard; I feel I’ve not yet achieved the reasonably contented stable life that I wanted.

I’ve been living in France for 17 years, firstly doing what so many British people do – buying and renovating an old farm and creating my holiday cottage business. I came out here with my two early teenaged children and my younger lover. The lover left after a couple of years and we continued on our own collecting a gang of animals and learning so much the hard way. After about 10 successful years’ business I had to give up due to back problems resulting in an operation. (Perhaps hardly surprising with cleaning three holiday cottages, managing two acres and all the animals as well as rambling old farmhouse where I took B&B guests in my “spare time”).

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The Journey So Far

The results of the glucose test show you’ve developed diabetes, Type 2 diabetes.

Just so many words. That’s all it took to change my life.

It’s not that I hadn’t heard of diabetes. My grandfather was diagnosed with Type 2 before he was 40 – that was around 1950 – and I grew up hearing “Grampa can’t eat that because of his diabetes” and “We need to get some saccharin because Grampa uses it instead of sugar.”

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Hello everyone

Hello, my name is Joanna, I am a Type 2 diabetic, I was diagnosed in March 2012 with an HbA1c of 7%. Since diagnosis I have researched all kinds of diets, supplements, exercise and any thing else that I could incorporate into my daily routine to help me control my condition. Four months after diagnosis I had another HbA1c that came back as 4.9%.

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Walk-in Clinic Fails to Diagnose 4-year-old with Diabetes

We’ve all heard how lack of knowledge and awareness can kill or seriously harm a person and you’d have thought people would be starting to get the message, right? Wrong. This week, we have another horrendous tale where total lack of awareness has caused a four-year-old girl to fall in to a diabetic coma.

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