Archive - August 2, 2012

Be aware of hypos – having a hypo isn’t the same as being drunk!

So I recently came across a video from February 2012 where an innocent driver was brutally pulled out of his car and assaulted after officers assumed he was driving under the influence of alcohol. This just goes to show that awareness of diabetes and the symptoms of hypo/hyperglycemia are not as widely known as they really should be.

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I never expected THAT!

Since I last wrote, I’ve had my first ‘official’ appointment with my Diabetes Specialist. This was at the beginning of December – roughly 2months after I first started on insulin (HumulinM3). From my own testing regime I was expecting my HbA1c to have dropped from the 14.2 that it was at my ’emergency appointment’ to about 9 point something, so I was surprised (and pleased) when he told me it was down to 8.3. From my current testing regime, I’m expecting it to be around the lower 7s at my next appointment in April, so I’m pleased with my progress so far.

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