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For those with diabetes, hypoglycemia is an ever present anxiety as it can arise with little to no warning at the worst of times.

Today, we have the story of Robert Cranshaw, a football fan and type 1 diabetic. He had travelled to Liverpool to watch the match and as many do, he indulged in a couple of beers throughout the day.

The day soon took a turn for the worst when Robert decided it was time to go home. Without realising it, his blood sugar had dropped too low so he became disoriented and boarded the wrong train. This mistake could quite easily be noticed by others as just a drunken error, as the symptoms of hypoglycemia are very much like those of being drunk.

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American Football Player Released After T2 Diagnosis

In Wednesday 15th May 2013, New England Patriots star Kyle Love was released from the American Football team he has played for since 2010 following his diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes two weeks ago. The athlete had a very successful career up until he started to experienced rapid, unexplained weight loss. Since diagnosis though, he has apparently dramatically altered his diet and regained much of the weight that he lost.

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Captain Novolin, the Insulin Game

Now we all know that keeping your blood glucose levels in check can be a dangerous game, but who would have thought they would actually make a type 1 diabetes based video game?!

In 1992, Novo Nordisk created a Super Nintendo game named Captain Novolin, the protagonist of which was a superhero who possessed the unmatched super power of type 1 diabetes.


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SMARTER Planning

You know about SMART goals – it’s a catchy mnemonic device. But have you tried putting the concept into practice?

S: specific
M: meaningful
A: achievable
R: relevant
T: timebound

Some bright spark added a couple more, to make “smartER”:

E: evaluate
R: reward

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