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Frankie Knuckles Tribute, Brixton recently teamed up with some promoters to put on a tribute night for Frankie Knuckles, the house DJ credited as a major influence in the house movement in 1980s Chicago and inspiring generations of house music fans. Frankie unfortunately passed away earlier this month, following years of battling Type 2 Diabetes.

We headed down to Brixton, a part of London that really is truly up and coming. A 2 minute walk from the station, the Prince of Wales occupies an old art deco building carefully tucked around the corner just opposite the Ritzy cinema. Though it doesn’t look much from the outside, the venue covers 3 floors, including a large roof terrace.

Upon first arriving, nobody in the downstairs bar really had any idea when the promoter would turn up so we decided to have a walk around and soak in the Brixton atmosphere. Just across the road, there was a night market full of great food stalls selling all kinds of food from Caribbean or Mexican, and even Indian. Brixton was certainly full of characters, and everyone was out enjoying the unusually pleasant weather seasoned with a dash of reggae playing over the market’s PA system.



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Hi all

Here I am nine days after the trial finished and another 5lb has gone …. yay  😀    😀

Not quite as quickly as it did in the beginning, but still going down steadily and I am very pleased with that. So has anyone else decided to carry on with Almased, or indeed is there anyone out there just starting out? I’m happy to chat to anyone who has gone/is going on a weight loss programme, just for mutual support and encouragement as I think that is important on the low days when you feel like giving up an eating chocs/crisps or whatever is your favourite edible prop.

Here’s hoping the weather stays kind to us and happy Sunday to everyone xx


Almased final round up!

Well, here we are, my 14 day Almased trial finished earlier this week.  Apologies for the delayed blog update, but been a bit bonkers at work, and combined with 2 toddlers ready to pop with easter excitement, I’m not sure where the week has gone.  I have to say (as I have before) I was initially apprehensive about Almased and whether it would do “exactly what it said on the tin”.  Many meal replacements, promote enticing claims of weight loss, yet often leave you hungry and craving, leading to a bigger weight gain afterwards.

Once I overcame the initial taste (see previous post) I was amazed at how full I felt about half an hour after an Almased drink.  I would say to anyone who is considering using Almased, whether to support achieving weight loss goals, stabilise blood sugar levels (really works), or simply to give your body some quality nutrition, stick with it and push through the first 3 days.  Once my palate had adjusted, I almost looked forward to my morning shake.

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Trial over and 9 & 1/2 lbs lighter :D

Well day 14 was yesterday folks so this morning was crunch time, on the scales I went and … I have lost 9 & 1/2lb! Yes really … I could hardly believe it and I am so pleased. I feel that the biggest loss was in the first week because I spent days running to pee, but regardless of that I am really chuffed to have achieved this kick start to my plan to get down to my ideal weight.

My BG levels have returned to their fasting values of 4.9 – 5.3 and I would hope that I could keep them at the lower level as more weight comes off. I have more energy than before which is a massive plus for me because Fibromyalgia saps every bit of it from you …. in saying that I haven’t had a major flare up since starting the trial, so I’ve no idea how that will go, but I think that the overall increased energy levels I am experiencing can only help.

So I can thoroughly recommend Almased, and I will be staying on it for the foreseeable future.  I hope everyone else has done well and gained something from the experience as I have.

Happy Shaking shakers from a happy convert xx


Day 13

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#F4B700″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]H[/mks_dropcap]elloo  …. is there anybody there?

Surely I can’t be the only one blogging, or maybe I’m the only one still on the trial?

Anyhoo a tedious day of driving for six hours and sitting for six hours on a crowded ferry, but I was good … I was … I took my shakes with me and had a steamed haddock and salad at lunch time. Now that is dedication to weight loss is it not?  

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Day 12 and nearly there :D

Hi Shakers, it’s day 12 for me and only two to go in this trial.  Someone was asking me today if I would recommend using Almased for weight loss when they have a lot to lose, somewhere around 4 – 5 st. I said I thought it would work well but obviously check with their GP first, but you can see lots of recommendations online, not all good of course, but they still give you an idea.

It won’t work for everyone, some just won’t manage to get past the taste, but I feel that it’s as good as any of the others of this type on the market, and probably a lot better than many. A certain well known slimming product comes to mind which one of my daughters tried. It has shakes and various other things like bars and soups, but when you examine the contents there is no way you are going to slim fast, more like slow in reality … but I dare say it all tastes better and each to their own etc.

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Day 11

Hello all, I seem to have missed a day … oops, too busy with my grandchildren to open the laptop   😀

Everything is going swimmingly, and I rarely feel hungry anymore, the reverse really because for the first half hour after a shake I feel too full, as if I have eaten too much. I don’t especially like the feeling and tried cutting down the amount a little but I got hungry early then, so no clue really unless anyone has some idea.

I have eaten mainly salads with a little chicken, the only meat I eat, but this is partly due to lack of interest I think …

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Day 9

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#F4B700″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]H[/mks_dropcap]ello from a very tired nana   😉 

Grandchildren are a joy but utterly exhausting, and I was glad of my shakes today because I really did not really have the time to think about meals for me. So shake for breakfast and dinner and some veg broth for lunch, thank goodness for freezers and microwaves   😀

I am ok tonight, not hungry, and my morning BG level is beginning to come back down to my normal values – 5.5 today. Perhaps my body needed a week to get used to Almased, and I was getting slightly worried about a sustained increase in fasting levels, but I think it will be stable soon.

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Day 8

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#F4B700″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]E[/mks_dropcap]verything went swimmingly again today, no mishaps or lapses and I’m still quite lively.

Not much else to say today except have a fab weekend everyone and well done   😀 xx

Sue Townsend Dies Age 68

Renowned author Sue Townsend, best known for the Adrian Mole books has died at her home in Leicester following a stroke.

Unknown to many, Townsend was a sufferer of Type 1 Diabetes and as a result was left blind in 2001. Her condition also left her in need of a kidney transplant in 2009, which was donated by her eldest son Sean. She was also left wheelchair-bound with neuropathy in her limbs and suffered her first stroke last year.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has paid tribute on Twitter

This is yet another tragic death that is closely related to complications of diabetes, and serves as a reminder to us all that keeping your blood glucose levels in range is important.

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