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first 3 days

First day: I was experiencing severe headache, stomach was churning and making noises all day, i felt lethargic, bad tempered and i ended up having fruit/low fat yogurt before bed to help me sleep. Second day was sunday, being with the whole family, which means food, food, food!! This was upsetting and i nibbled at some meat but no carbs. Craving eased and i felt i could cope, drinks help for very short period but ive started experiencing acid reflux. Not too bad but long day. Day three, I am feeling hungry, head throbbing, quick tempered, feel physically and mentally crap. Stress level higher which makes me more hungry as i ended up inhaling fridge late at night. Slept well knowing i was full. My 4th day, at work since 8.30am – 6.30pm. Have no energy and wanting junk today. Drinks not helping to fill me. Not a good day.

Taste Troubles

Actually, to be honest, I can live with the taste of Almased because although it is much sweeter than I like (strange, I don’t have that trouble with chocolate, ice-cream or cakes!) the taste of honey is not unpleasant and yogurt is lovely.  Nope, it is the gritty texture which is the most off putting thing.  It took me about an hour to drink the one shake I could face yesterday and I have to be honest, I didn’t feel particularly hungry afterwards.  I fell off the wagon because I went out to dinner with the family.  I was going to have salad but there was a 2 for 1 deal on fish and chips so it didn’t take a lot of persuading to change tack.  From there, it was a very short journey to the dessert menu.

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What Else Can Get In The Way?

Just after I had finished writing my first post, my husband came in surprisingly early from work and said, “Get your Glad Rags on, I’m taking you out to lunch!”  I’m afraid I only glanced apologetically at the box of Almased as I leapt out the door to one of the local eateries.  I did choose a chicken salad as the main course but the caramel apple pie with vanilla ice-cream screamed out for a last stand and once I’d folded, well, the rest of the day was just disastrous.  Waking up this morning with the high sugar headache urged me towards finding the blood monitor though.

That was easier said than done!  I found plenty of empty blood monitor bags; for somebody who never takes their blood if they can help it, I seem to have bought quite a number of them! Eventually I managed to find an Accu-chek Compact which only needed new batteries and a new cassette.  The next trial was to find a finger pricker and needle which matched.  Finally I had everything together so, after throwing all the out of date cassettes in the bin, I slipped the new cassette into the monitor.  Lots of satisfactory whirring ensued followed by a most unsatisfactory error message, E-2.  I just knew there was no chance of finding the instructions so I reinserted the cassette numerous times with the same result before trying another cassette.  Still no joy so I retrieved an out of date cassette and tried that.  Perfect but unreliable.  However, maybe it had kickstarted things?  I reinserted the in date cassette…no such luck.

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As I mean to go on…

My diabetes is a trial to me, just as my weight has been over the years. I have always said that if I had a healthy attitude towards food, I probably wouldn’t have been a diabetic. That said, it’s in the family with the older generations suffering, my siblings having insulin problems and my children being insulin resistant so I don’t know whether the attitude is caused by the problem or the problem is caused by the attitude! Whatever, I am the one who puts the food in my mouth so I have to take responsibility somewhere down the line and just lately, irresponsibility has been winning so I am hoping that Almased will set me on the right track and kick start me into finding the strength to override that nagging voice in my head that says I’ll be a better diabetic tomorrow. I’m off to find my blood testing machine. I only every test when I know its going to be a good result so I’ll have to hunt high and low to find it…!

Today’s the day My first day with Almased

I am starting the Almased trial late as I have just come back from a cruise to the Mediterranean. I have had my first shake today, a bit different from the cruise diet. I mixed the shake in a electric mixer, the taste is OK fairly bland but very filling. My weight at the start is 99.6 kg height 183 cm and blood sugar 8.4 (this is high but may be due to the Cruise)

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