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The Blue Circle: Coming together for diabetes awareness

The fact is, most people just don’t know enough about diabetes. It’s been suggested that 850,000 people in the UK alone have the condition without knowing it, while research shows that three in ten adults in the US have undiagnosed diabetes. Diabetes awareness is a huge problem; every November, the diabetes community comes together to do something about it. Events are organised, activities planned, and campaigns devised, all with the aim of giving diabetes a bigger presence in the public consciousness.

At the centre of it is World Diabetes Day. Taking place on the 14th of November in honour of Sir Frederick Banting (one of the first scientists to use insulin on humans), it engages people throughout the world in response to growing concerns about the disease.

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Patient with type 2 diabetes dies following insulin treatment

Dennis Heath, a retired carpenter aged 87, died at Walsall Manor Hospital after being wrongly treated with insulin.

An inquest at Smethwick Council House heard that Mr Heath, who had type 2 diabetes, was given an insulin drip overnight on June 13 2014.

Mr Heath died on June 14 having developed blood sugar complications, with Pathologist Dr Iqbal Desai telling the hearing that it “was not a natural cause of death”.

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Low-carb diets and the power of our community

“Low carb is the way to normal!” declared forum member sunnyspots. By adopting a low-carb diet (that is, less than 50g a day) she’d lost three stone and regained normal blood glucose levels, after years of ignoring her diabetes.

She’s not alone. Adelle0607 reported that her low-carb diet got rid of her fatty liver and lowered her HbA1c levels to the non-diabetic range. VinnyJames lowered his HbA1c levels to 5.5 per cent and had to replace his jeans as a result of his weight loss, announcing “low carbing works for me!”

The forum is full of stories of low carbohydrate success. Yet, despite its obvious popularity (the low-carb success stories have over 81,000 views), the diet has been met with resistance by medical professionals. Low-carb just hasn’t been a part of the debate.

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Food for thought: Diabetic meals on planes

It’s around this time of year that many planning Christmas holidays take the plunge and book their planned excursions.

For people with diabetes, you will notice that some airways including British Airways, KLM, Thomas Cook and Jet Airways, among others, offer ‘diabetic meals’ on flights.

If you are wondering what a diabetic meal offers you on board a plane then here’s what you need to know.

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Poor diabetes management results in the tragic loss of 3-day-old baby

A baby has died in Burnley General Hospital at the age of just three days. His mother, Joanna Gaskarth, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 24, and has admitted to struggling with the disease. Her blood sugar management proved to be problematic throughout her pregnancy, with her levels as much as five times higher than they should have been just before her son’s birth, and she often forgot to provide doctors with blood sugar readings. As a result, the baby, named Thomas Gaskarth-Roberts, died from multiple organ failure and brain damage.

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I’m sorry, we don’t have your prescription

People with type 1 diabetes will, in likelihood, have suffered great frustration when collecting prescriptions at some point in their lives.

When you are running low on medication and awaiting the delivery of an order you made a few days ago, the last thing you want your pharmacy to say is: “We don’t have it”.

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5 annoying things only people with diabetes will understand

Having diabetes can often lead to an undercurrent of frustration in your day-to-day life, but there are some moments that stand out as being particularly annoying. 

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