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“My ideal number before playing would be 5 mmol/l”: Hibernian footballer Scott Allan on type 1 management

Scott Allan was just three-years-old when diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but the 23-year-old is now playing for one of the biggest football clubs in Scotland.

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Running a half marathon with type 1 diabetes: Jack’s story (Part One)

It was with great trepidation on January 8 2015 that I signed up for the half marathon in Coventry scheduled on March 1.

My type 1 diabetes aside, I’ve never been the fittest of chaps, or the leanest, and the prospect of chronologically running, walking and crawling 13.1 miles was daunting.

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Live Q&A with Fixing Dad on Sunday 1 March 2015 will be conducting a live Q&A with the creators of the Fixing Dad documentary on Sunday March 1 2015 to discuss how Geoff Whitington battled to fight his type 2 diabetes.

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“Diabetes is just one extra thing I have to think about”: Team Novo Nordisk cyclist Stephen Clancy

Stephen Clancy, a professional cyclist born in Limerick, Ireland races for Team Novo Nordisk, but considers his type 1 diabetes just “one extra thing to think about.”

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“Dracula in charge of the blood bank”: financial links between sugar industry and obesity scientists causes controversy

Professor Susan Jebb is an academic at the University of Oxford, one of Britain’s leading experts on obesity and the role of sugar in our diets. And it just so happens that her research has received £1.3million of funding from sugar companies.

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Medical Exemption Certificates – Stay in charge, don’t get charged

If you receive free medication to manage your diabetes in England, and you do not have a valid Medical Exemption Certificate, you could be in for a sting.

Users of our Diabetes Forum have recently felt the force of the NHS Business Service Agency for collecting their medication without having a valid certificate – and received charges for it.

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Lack of insulin access – a major failing of diabetes awareness

In the UK, insulin doesn’t cost anything for diabetics who require it, but there is an estimated 50 million people worldwide who cannot afford insulin.

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Diabetic mom having hypo saved by five-year-old boy

A five-year-old boy from Barrow saved his mother from a diabetic coma after remembering his emergency training and calling for help.

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