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General Election 2015: Which party offers more to people with diabetes?

It’s election time – that glorious few weeks or months when everyone furrows their brows in an attempt to make sense of the many complex issues facing the UK, trying to make an informed choice as to which party is best to address them.

This time around, healthcare is the biggest issue, and the future of the NHS. It’s vast and complicated, and one of the big talking points is diabetes. But who offers the best programme for people with the condition?

Furrow no more – this is a quick (but thorough) guide to diabetes and the general election.

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Patient with type 2 diabetes dies at hospital due to “avoidable hypoglycemic episode”, coroner says

A 77-year-old woman with type 2 diabetes died after hospital staff failed to carry out basic checks of her blood glucose levels.

Patricia Chapman had been rushed into University Hospital, Durham with a broken hip, before later being admitted to Sedgefield Community Hospital. She died overnight after slipping into a coma.

The hospital has been criticised by a coroner, while Patricia’s family are reportedly set to take legal action against the hospital.

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Driving with diabetes: Why cracks in the new EU guidelines are starting to show

A nurse with type 1 diabetes from Exeter has won her driving license back from the DVLA after a successful campaign which ended up reaching Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Young girl dies from dangerous diet pill – why should people with diabetes take note?

The debate surrounding diet pills again leapt into mainstream consciousness this week when a 21-year-old student died after taking supplements she bought online.

Eloise Parry reportedly took tablets known as DNP – its full name is 2, 4-dinitrophenol – which is a highly toxic industrial chemical. In the UK, it is illegal for DNP to be sold as a weight loss product.

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This dog could save your life: The pets trained to sniff out diabetes emergencies

Casper is a miniature poodle, a fluffy ball of fun who looks like he might be part cloud. He also saves lives.

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Grassy Knoll-edge: 7 reasons to get gardening for people with diabetes

Gardening is a great activity for people with diabetes, offering both physical and emotional benefits. Over in the US, April is National Gardening Month, which seems as good a time as any to talk about it.

My own gardening success is limited to a bag of sad-looking onions and potatoes, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

So let’s take this outside (in a nice way, of course). Here are seven good reasons to get gardening with diabetes.

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Live mindfulness Q&A with Dav Panesar on Thursday 23 April 2015 will be conducting a live social media Q&A with mindfulness expert Dav Panesar on Thursday 23 April 2015.

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Which dietary techniques can (and cannot) reduce your sugar cravings?

Sugar has been a regular feature of news in 2015, with mounting campaigns developing to discourage excessive sugar consumption among the general public.

So far the year has witnessed Action on Sugar calling for a ban on energy drinks for under-16s and financial links emerging between the sugar industry and scientists tackling obesity.

Suffice to say, sugar is undergoing a less than sweet period in the public eye, but this does not stop sugar cravings from developing in people, with sugar known to trigger pleasure sensors in the brain – and thus the consumption of sugar continues.

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All I could think was: ‘I want to be a rugby player’ – Exeter Chiefs’ Henry Slade on his type 1 diagnosis

Exeter Chiefs fly-half Henry Slade was recently called into England’s Six Nations squad, but upon being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18, he didn’t know if he had a future in rugby.

The 22-year-old has spent the last three years learning about his diabetes and how best to manage it, all while maintaining his developing rugby career.

Henry has not let his type 1 stop him, though. He won the Aviva Premiership player of month for February and has been tipped for big things by England head coach Stuart Lancaster.

Henry spoke exclusively with about his journey since becoming type 1 and how he has developed his current medication routine.

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Why aren’t people with diabetes getting the emotional support they need?

A recent survey found that, out of 2,741 people with diabetes who needed emotional support, 2,072 didn’t receive it. The implication is clear: the emotional impact of diabetes isn’t considered important.

But it is. Of course it is, just as the emotional wellbeing of anybody is important.

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