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Tesco’s Ribena ban: a slap in the face or a step in the right direction?

Tesco has announced that small cartons of Ribena – that underwhelming soft drink of childhood – will be banned from stores in an effort to curb rising rates of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes.

True to type, social media has gone into meltdown. There are many things we’ll put up with, but this, apparently, is not one of them.

But is it actually a bad thing? Aren’t there some positive angles to this?

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4 times films and television shows got diabetes wrong, and how it could have been avoided

Earlier this month, BBC show The Syndicate was criticised for its misleading portrayal of diabetes treatment, but it is not the first (or inevitably, last) example of dodgy diabetes representation.

Be it in television or Hollywood blockbusters, there have been many occasions in which inaccurate diabetes research or poor explanations have added needless confusion to scenes.

We’ve researched some of the more puzzling storylines and scenes that got diabetes wrong, and how they could have been improved.

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11-year-old Syrian refugee dies after having insulin thrown overboard

As Eyas Hasoun’s daughter Raghad died in his arms, he felt he should have been able to save her.

“She was fading,” said Mr. Hasoun. “She murmured ‘Daddy, Daddy.’ I should have been able to take care of everything, resolve every problem, protect my child, sacrificing myself if necessary. But I couldn’t do it. And this fault will stay with me my whole life.”

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Five-year-old girl’s death highlights dangers of undiagnosed type 1 diabetes

On July 11, Kycie Jai Terry died from undiagnosed type 1 diabetes at just five years old. Her tragic death illustrates how dangerous undiagnosed type 1 can be, and why it is paramount to know the warning signs of the disease.

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Nine-year-old boy with type 1 diabetes receives apology after cinema confiscated his water bottle

An Irish cinema has apologised to a nine-year-old boy with type 1 diabetes after preventing him from bringing water into a film screening.

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Diabetes PA and the 10 best diabetes apps available

With technology ever-evolving in the fight against diabetes, the quality of apps that assist in diabetes management is also improving.

Depending on whether you want your diabetes app to log blood glucose readings or monitor food intake, the options are increasing for those with single or multiple requirements.

While certain apps are tied to the meter you use, and choosing an app may be based on this prerequisite, we’ve scoured the market for 10 of the best diabetes apps available – not the “top” 10 necessarily – regardless of which meter you own.

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“I’ve built some amazing relationships through having diabetes”: an interview with NASCAR driver Ryan Reed

When Ryan Reed races, it’s not just for personal glory: it’s for everyone with diabetes who has been discouraged from pursuing their dreams.

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Cranberry juice and 4 other drinks that could fight diabetes

There are many drinks which benefit people with diabetes, such as water, milk and diet soft drinks, as they are low in sugar.

Earlier this month, cranberry juice made the news for its preventative prowess against type 2 diabetes, and there are other drinks that help tackle diabetes.

We’ve assessed which drinks could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes developing, as well as the ones that can aid the management of people with the condition.

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Black rhinos are insulin resistant: What can be done to save them?

There are only around 5,000 black rhinos in the world, down from 100,000 in the 1960s. Of these 5,000, 250 live in captivity, where they are kept safe from the poachers that target them for their horns.

But more and more captive black rhinos are being affected by a peculiar health problem: inflammation and insulin resistance. In other words, they are increasingly becoming prediabetic.

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Charlie Kimball: the trailblazing type 1 diabetic racing driver

Charlie Kimball would say that racing is in his blood. He credits his father, who was a mechanical engineer, with exposing him to the kind of emotional resonance that only comes from driving around really, really quickly.

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