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The boy with type 1 diabetes who is allergic to insulin

There is nobody else in Britain like Taylor Banks. Like thousands, he has type 1 diabetes. But unlike them, Taylor is allergic to insulin.

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Mother refuses to give her type 1 daughter insulin, fears she will become “dependent” on it

A mother in Ireland won’t allow doctors to treat her daughter – who has type 1 diabetes – with insulin. She doesn’t want her to become dependent on it.

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17 inspirational messages for people with diabetes

Whether these messages inspire you, remind you that you’re not alone, or simply raise a smile, they’re guaranteed to help you out on those days that diabetes wears you down.

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13 moments when living on a gluten-free diet can make or ruin your day

A gluten-free diet can help you maintain a healthy diet, as you will need to avoid most pre-prepared foods. For people with celiac disease, though, it can be exhausting.

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