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7 character-building struggles of living with type 2 diabetes

A lot goes into managing type 2 diabetes, whether you’ve been newly diagnosed or you’ve had it for years. The struggles are reliably relentless and require a lot of patience and dedication to overcome.

Last month, we looked at 11 struggles of living with type 1 diabetes – the type of struggles that, while massively frustating, can help build up tolerance for diabetes management.

Here, we’ll look at seven character-building struggles that people with type 2 diabetes go through on a daily basis (some of these may also be applicable if you have type 1 diabetes).

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5 ways of improving your quality of life if you have diabetes

It’s no fun having diabetes. It can feel like diabetes increases your risk of almost every major health condition, while diabetes management can take hours out of your day on a consistent basis.

Medication can keep diabetes in check, but without decrying the benefits medication has, it can be exhausting to stick to a regimen, especially one that requires self-adjustment. All in all, it is very easy for people with diabetes to feel down on any given day.

This is why it is so important to make sure you have a good quality of life. By having a high quality of life, you’ll focus less on the negative aspects of diabetes and feel happier in yourself.

This may sound easier said than done, but here are some straightforward ways of improving your quality of life if you have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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9 things most people don’t know about diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most widely misunderstood conditions around, which is surprising considering how widespread it is. Here are nine of the most common myths and misconceptions, and the truth behind each one.

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Family of 17-year-old girl who died from undiagnosed type 1 diabetes launches court action

***UPDATE, 26 September 2016: The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service has given Dr Michelle Watts a five-year warning for “serious” failings in the treatment of Claire Taylor. The findings of the tribunal into the teenager’s death found that Dr Watts “failed to stand back and take account of the wider picture” during consultations with Ms Taylor. The warning will be published on the List of Registered Medical Practitioners (LRMP), and kept on record thereafter.

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Bread: the best and worst products for people with diabetes

The truth is, managing your diet can be tedious. Nobody enjoys looking at endless panels of nutritional information. Nobody wants to check every single brand on the shelf to work out which one contains the least carbohydrate. It’s no fun.

Let us do the work for you. Want to know which kind of bread is right for you? Here are 26 products, complete with nutritional information and a verdict.

Note: bread is generally very high in carbohydrate. Generally, we wouldn’t recommend it to people with diabetes. But most people like a little bit of bread. So, when you do partake, this article tells you which ones are a good idea. And, more importantly, which ones aren’t.

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7 ways to get a better night’s sleep

Diabetes can have a big effect on sleep. High blood glucose levels, sleep apnea, night-time hypos – there are a range of ways that diabetes can leave you feeling unsatisfied with your sleep, and tired the next day.

The opposite is also true. Poor sleeping habits can cause type 2 diabetes.

These seven sleeping tips should help you get a better night’s rest.

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The dog nobody wants to adopt – because he has diabetes

This is Benji (on the left). He’s a Patterdale Terrier up for adoption. It’s been seven years since ten-year-old Benji had a home. And that’s because Benji has diabetes. Unlike most dogs, he needs an insulin injection every 12 hours.

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