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Carbohydrate, fruit and blood glucose levels: everything you need to know

Back in September, we published a list of the highest- and lowest-carb fruits. The response was great, but many people were after a more comprehensive list. So here’s a list of common fruits, and how much carbohydrate they contain. Note that the carb content is per 100g, not per fruit, so we can compare them.

Sadly, it’s not as simple as avoiding the high numbers and eating the low numbers. It doesn’t work out like that. Even though 100g of cucumber contains significantly less carbohydrate than 100g of lemon, it’s easy to imagine eating more than 100g of cucumber (a quarter of a cucumber weighs about 90g. You could easily use twice this much in a salad). A kiwi fruit weighs about 50g, so you’d have to eat two to get the carb value of 100g.

So along with the sugar and carb content, we’ve included a rough guideline to how much of each fruit you should eat, and how often.

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