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25-stone man loses half his body weight and reverses type 2 diabetes

A man who weighed 25 stone has reversed his type 2 diabetes after losing almost half his weight.

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Diabulimia can be life-threatening, so why is more not known about it?

Eating disorders are an increasing problem for people with diabetes. The emotional burden of diabetes can make it all too easy for eating disorders to develop, but quite often not enough is known about them.

Diabulimia, a term coined to represent diabetic bulimia, is one particular eating disorder that requires greater awareness. Diabulimia predominantly affects young women with diabetes, and is defined as the intentional skipping of insulin injections in order to lose weight.

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The sugar tax and type 1 diabetes: Is there cause for complaint?

On March 16 2016, the government announced that from 2018 highly sweetened drinks will be subject to a sugar tax.

Since the announcement was made, some people with type 1 diabetes have been worried that this will result in hypo treatments becoming more expensive.

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Labour MP Jamie Reed discusses the sugar tax, the Talking About Diabetes conference and his type 1 diabetes management

Jamie Reed, the Labour MP in Copeland and former shadow health minister, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 36, after initially being misdiagnosed.

Since then, he has run the London Marathon, rejected the opportunity to go on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and gave a speech at the first-ever Talking About Diabetes (TAD) conference earlier this month.

Jamie sat down with to discuss the recently announced sugar tax, how he adapted to type 1 diabetes management and why he is determined not to let his diagnosis stand in his way.

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Amputee with type 1 diabetes no longer eligible for Personal Independence Payment, but what is this benefit?

An amputee with type 1 diabetes and his wife have been told that they are no longer eligible for benefits from the Personal Independence Payment (PIP). In this article we look at what this new benefit is, and who can apply for it.

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Jedi saves 7-year-old boy with type 1 diabetes from developing severe hypo

A diabetic alert service dog known as Jedi has become a family hero after recognising a hypo that a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) could not spot.

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What are the facts regarding Maria Sharapova’s use of the diabetes drug meldonium?

The Maria Sharapova saga has thrusted diabetes into the limelight this week. All of sudden, people are talking about the drug meldonium, and questioning what role it has as a diabetes drug.

Well, the fact is that there aren’t too many facts. But here is some concrete information regarding Sharapova’s failed drug test at the Australian Open in January, and what exactly the Russian tennis star’s relationship with diabetes is.

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Diabetes innovator Alfred E. Mann dies aged 90, leaves behind a legacy of medical research

Alfred E. Mann, a biotech entrepreneur, was 90 when he died. His legacy includes the formation of 17 companies, such as MiniMed, and the development of inhaled insulin. Mann was a pioneer in medical research, and a foremost diabetes innovator.

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Snacks that can be improved by substituting ingredients with healthy fats

Everyone should be eating more healthy fats. They tend to come from natural sources and can provide tremendous health benefits, such as a lower risk of heart disease.

Healthy fats can also be used to replace less healthy ingredients in snacks and meals, particularly when you make food yourself from scratch.

All too often, though, people are tempted to snack on processed foods, such as crisps and biscuits, which have little to no nutritional benefit. By eating healthier snacks containing healthier ingredients, our bodies receive key nutrients and we also stay fuller for longer.

People with diabetes have a higher risk of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, but eating healthy fats instead of unhealthy, processed food can help lower this risk.

We’ve taken a look at how some heart healthy fats can be added to four commonly eaten snacks to make them more nutritious. We’ll also guide you through how to make sure these snacks contain as little sugar as possible, and which ingredients can be substituted to make way for the healthy fats.

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