Archive - April 22, 2016

What is feline diabetes and how could it affect your cat?

Cats and kittens can be a handful. They stand on our laptops while we are trying to work, and wake us up by tickling us with their tails, but they constantly claim our hearts with their fluffiness.

Unfortunately, some owners find out that their cat has developed feline diabetes, and have to make extra sure that their pets are fit and healthy.

The earlier the condition is spotted, the better. Do you know how to tell if your cat is running high blood sugar levels?

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Former Team Novo Nordisk cyclist Joe Eldridge discusses his type 1 diabetes management

Joe Eldridge dreamed of becoming an athlete as a youngster and refused to let type 1 diabetes stop him from becoming a professional cyclist. Now retired, Joe is focused on sharing his story with others and hopes to inspire other people with diabetes to pursue their dreams.

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