Sugar features prominently in modern life. Many of us love it despite knowing it does bad things to our bodies.

Those with diabetes who have trekked the long, bitter journey to sugar-freedom will be well acquainted with the difficult stages of sugar withdrawal but will ultimately know that the fight is well worthwhile.

1. Feeling free, healthy, and on top of the world

“Yes!” the valiant sugar-free crusader thinks to herself. “I am free of the shackles of the sugary evil!”


The feeling of pride that comes with drinking the first cup of sugarless tea is liberating. Even as you struggle with the new, bitter taste and wonder how other people manage to drink it unsweetened, it feels good to have cast aside your need for sugar.

2. Missing sugar

After the initial golden glow has worn off, you’re likely to find yourself realising the scale of challenge ahead. You reach for the ketchup, and stop, remembering how packed with sugar it is. The cans of Dr Pepper Zero that now sit in your fridge aren’t as fulfilling as their sugary predecessors. The world has lost a bit of its colour.


3. The cravings kick in

The lack of sugar soon takes a toll on your mind and body. You need the sugar. When the cravings kick in, only the strongest of barriers will keep you from your sugary vices. But you are stronger than this. That barrier has to be your will power (or maybe some really strong friends who agree to pin you down).



4. The sugar hangover

The lack of sugar in your body can take its toll in the form of headaches and even muscle pain. Anyone who has woken up after drinking too much alcohol will have been in a similar situation. “Why?! WHY?!” you may shriek through the pain, wondering if giving up sugar can truly be worth these aches. But know that now there is light at the end of the tunnel. (Just make sure you have plenty of water to get past this stage!)


5. Trembles

One of the rarer but still possible symptoms of sugar withdrawal is the shakes. The trembles. The shivers. Whatever you want to call them.


Your muscles are not happy with their lack of sugar and you find yourself vibrating at odd moments. The end is in sight. In fact, it’s here…

6. Liberation

FREEDOM!!! You wake up one morning feeling like the rising sun itself. You hop out of bed and skip to the kitchen, like Dorothy down the yellow brick road. The world is vibrant, and you feel alive. You grab a low carb breakfast, and face the world with more energy than you knew was possible. That’s it, you’ve kicked the habit!


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