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6 diabetes phobias, and how they can be overcome

Diabetes is tough enough to control without having to live with certain phobias that make management even harder.

In this blog, we take a look at six different diabetes phobias that can be extremely problematic, and some tips that can help you start to overcome them.

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Guest blog: Diabetes charity’s survey examines cost of worldwide supplies

Given the technological developments within diabetes research, it’s hard to fathom how anyone living with diabetes should go into debt or die an early death because of the outrageous prices for insulin and supplies.

T1International, a diabetes charity, launched a worldwide survey in March of 2016 to explore the costs that people pay out of pocket for things like insulin, test strips, and other diabetes costs. We have now received over 200 responses from more than 40 countries. What we found confirmed our concerns about the unaffordability of insulin and diabetes supplies worldwide, and some of the survey data that was gathered is quite alarming.

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Teenage cyclist with type 1 diabetes dreams of riding the Tour De France

To commemorate National Children’s Day UK (NCUK2016) today, we caught up with 15-year-old Joe McGuiness. Joe has type 1 diabetes, and this summer he is travelling to America to join up with Team Novo Nordisk’s Talent Identification Cycling Camp. Joe hopes to ride the Tour De France one day, and his mother, Jenny, spoke to us about his diagnosis, cycling aspirations and diabetes management.

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7-year-old girl won’t let type 1 diabetes stop her from becoming a professional tennis player

Amalia Widdowson is adamant that her type 1 diabetes will not prevent her from becoming a professional tennis player. Having just won the LTA National Tour 9 & Under event in Southampton, the ball is most certainly in her court regarding her future plans.

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People are creating homemade artificial pancreas systems for diabetes management

There’s a new trend developing in type 1 diabetes management. People are creating homemade artificial pancreases, and the results are impressive.

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