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The race for faster insulin

If you have had type 1 diabetes for some time, you’ll probably have wished that insulin could be a bit quicker acting.

Unless you have chosen to do a low carb diet, you will likely experience a sharp rise in blood glucose levels followed by a more gradual reduction over a period of up to 4 hours.

This presents a problem in that much of the time between meals will be spent having sugar levels that are higher than healthy levels. So what can we do?

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5 Diabetes Forum heroes of 2016

To commemorate this year’s Diabetes Week (Sunday 12 June – Saturday 18 June), we take a look at five Diabetes Forum heroes of 2016 so far.

This year has seen the Diabetes Forum reach 200,000 members with over one million messages posted. It is Europe’s largest community of people with and without diabetes alike, and the success being achieved is nothing short of staggering.

Our Diabetes Forum users have been able to lose weight, improve their HbA1c and even reverse their type 2 diabetes; it was the success that forum users had with a low-carb diet that inspired us to create the Low Carb Program in 2015.

We’ve selected five success stories from forum users this year that have been particularly inspiring, and serve as tremendous examples of overcoming problems that diabetes can cause.

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