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Diabetes education through board games – a good idea or a trivial pursuit?

People digest diabetes education in different ways. Some prefer human interaction; some prefer reading. And over the years, attempts have even been made to develop diabetes learning across a different platform: board games.

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5 times children with diabetes were role models

Children are constantly surprising. Whether they are learning new words or lobbying at Scottish Parliament, kids show us that anything is possible. It’s not just adults who can be role models.

In this blog, we’ve taken a look at some particularly inspiring children with diabetes who strove to make an impact by inspiring others and showing that diabetes is no obstacle.

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A packed lunch… that packs a nutritious punch!

So, the kids are back at school (insert a not-so-subtle cheer and air punch here), and in addition to the usual duties – is the planning of packed lunches. A low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) lifestyle can benefit the whole family; if you’re for looking for ways to transform your little ones’ lunch boxes (or your own for that matter), look no further!

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“I was really nervous” – DCUK staff discuss their experiences of diabetes at school

Children with diabetes face more challenges than most at school.

Having diabetes affect the day-to-day lives of children at school in several ways, while diabetes management can vary between children of different ages. This could be due to administering insulin, testing blood sugar levels, gauging what to eat or even explaining to other children what diabetes is.

To provide children, and parents, with an idea of what it’s like having diabetes at school, I sat down with two other type 1 diabetes residents at to discuss our experiences.

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