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Diabetes Awareness Month 2016 Phone Wallpapers

Diabetes Awareness Month 2016 is here!

Awareness is incredibly important, and it can be surprising how little people know about the condition, how it develops, and what to do to help someone in an emergency.

Among other things we will tackling the myths and revealing the truth about many aspects of diabetes, both type 1, type 2, and beyond.

But right now, check out our exclusive high-resolution wallpapers, to show your support of those who overcome diabetes every single day.

To download right click the image and save as.

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How can I get involved?

You can help raise awareness, inspire others and break stereotypes this #DiabetesAwarenessMonth by sharing your own photo and story with us on Facebook. Get your #BlueNovember selfie here –

You can purchase Powered by Insulin t-shirts @
£1 of every t-shirts goes to JDRF.

You can browse all products here:

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Feast your eyes on our wicked Halloween treats (no tricks here!)

With Halloween this coming Monday, we thought it would be nice to get creative in the kitchen, and come up with some delicious, low-carb treats! I can’t promise that these will ward away vampires and ghouls… but they can certainly help to appease cravings, and keep you on the LCHF locomotive (so to speak)!

Without further ado, come delve into our cauldron of delights…

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Tim Noakes on trial: Daily updates from South Africa

***UPDATE: On Friday 28 October, the HPCSA released a statement which “incorrectly stated” Noakes had been found guilty of professional misconduct. This statement has since been retracted.

The “Nutrition Trial of the 21st Century” resumed this week as Professor Tim Noakes continues to answer a charge of unprofessional conduct made by the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HSPCA).

What began as a tweet way back in February 2014 has evolved into a three-year on-off trial that has highlighted the politics of food and thrusted the low-carb diet into mainstream news coverage.

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Body talk: Physique champion Aidan Broddell opens up on his type 1 diabetes

Aidan Broddell wanted to convince people his type 1 diabetes wouldn’t hold him back, and the Junior Champion Bodybuilder is letting his body do the talking.

21-year-old Aidan was 10 when he was diagnosed; he has since gone on to become one of Britain’s leading physique athletes.

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11 delightfully delicious low carb egg recipes

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite low-carb egg recipes that are perfect for people with diabetes.

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Could the Diabetes Dance Dare be the new ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

There’s a new diabetes awareness campaign taking the lead in America: the Diabetes Dance Dare.

The social media campaign was launched last month by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), which is recruiting A-list celebrities to highlight the impact of diabetes.

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