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Low-carb diet inspired New Zealand to Rugby World Cup success

Ever wondered why New Zealand is so good at rugby? Well, it’s actually due to eating a low-carb diet.

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Emmerdale’s portrayal of diabetic character Kerry Wyatt is having mixed success

Kerry Wyatt is among the more well-known fictional characters with diabetes, but her “actions” in an episode of Emmerdale last week painted a particularly bleak picture of diabetes management.

Having experienced an unpleasant sequence of “soap events”, the diabetic character – who also has diabetic retinopathy – was seen gorging on chocolate and wine, prompting a cluster of Twitter users to voice their concerns.

One person wrote: “How is Kerry eating chocolate, junk food and drinking alcohol when she’s meant to be diabetic?”

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11 myths people with diabetes are sick of hearing

Living with diabetes unfortunately means hearing things about the condition that can make you want to faceplant the floor. Here are some common myths about diabetes that are simply not true. At all.

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Aussie doctor forever silenced by medical board for giving low carb advice

An Australian doctor has become yet another collateral victim of a medical board extremely zealous in enforcing regulations for ignoring official nutrition guidelines.

Dr Gary Fettke has recommended low carb living for at least two years in his practice before the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) decided to silence him.

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An uphill struggle – why one father dragged an anvil up a mountain for diabetes

‘Big Davy’ Ballantyne did the unthinkable; he dragged an anvil up Goatfell Mountain -the highest peak on the Isle of Arran.

Why take on such a brutal, unforgiving task? To represent the struggle that his 10-year old daughter Roísín faces with her type 1 diabetes.

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Meet Suzanne Gardner – a blind artist with type 1 diabetes

Suzanne Gardner is a remarkable member of the diabetes community: a blind artist whose work has been displayed worldwide and sold in various shows, she is striving to push herself beyond her limits and inspire others with diabetes.

To commemorate the launch of Diabetes Awareness Month this past Monday, we spoke to Suzanne about her career as an artist and why she continually aims to provide hope to the diabetes community.

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