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Fell running and ice-climbing with type 1 diabetes: the inspirational story of Ed Sherstone

Ed Sherstone is a quite remarkable individual. Having always had a passion for fitness and the outdoors, Ed’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis at the age of 16 didn’t slow him down a jot. He has since amassed an extraordinary profile of running and climbing achievements, including ice climbing on Ben Nevis.

Ed, now aged 52, spoke to about his most challenging excursions, both physically and related to his diabetes management, and how his rigorous schedule has affected his medication over the years.

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“There’s a buzz that’s created”: Dr Simon Tobin explains how parkrun is making people with diabetes happier and healthier

There are some exciting diabetes developments occurring in Southport.

Following the success of Dr David Unwin in encouraging his patients to eat a low-carb diet, Unwin’s colleague Dr Simon Tobin (pictured) is having similar success with another treatment: parkrun.

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