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How will decreased sugar in Lucozade affect people with diabetes?

The makers of Lucozade Energy (Lucozade Ribena Suntory) announced in November 2016 that it would be lowering the sugar content in its drinks by more than 50 per cent. It is a decision that could have major implications for people with diabetes.

The move will be rolled out from April 2017 and the changes will apply to all Lucozade flavours.

With just weeks to go until the new products are released, people with diabetes who use Lucozade to treat low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) are facing changes.

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19 Wonderfully Low-Carb Lunches

We’ve put together some of our all-time favourite low carb lunches to keep your tummy and your blood sugar levels happy. Look forward to lunch but not to that mid afternoon spike! (We warn you – if you’re reading this while hungry, resist the temptation to lick the screen)

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Treating type 2 diabetes patients with a low-carb diet – which doctor holds the record?

More and more doctors are advocating a low-carb diet to treat their patients who have diabetes. But who has achieved the most success?

Thanks to Dr David Unwin, we can show you which doctor holds the world record for improving type 2 diabetes using a low-carb diet, in many cases reversing it/putting it into remission.

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Nintendo Switch game enables man with diabetic retinopathy to enjoy gaming with his wife

As technology advances scientists are able to make significant strides regarding medical treatments, particularly within diabetes research. But for 38-year-old Rich Maroney, who has type 1 diabetes and diabetic retinopathy, it is the development of one new technology in particular which has proven transformational: the Nintendo Switch.

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Cereals and diabetes: A rundown of the healthiest and unhealthiest options

The variety of sugar content in cereal makes it a signficant food choice for everyone with diabetes.

Cereals with the lowest sugar content are naturally much better for people with diabetes, and it can be surprising just much sugar is packed in some well-known brands.

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US actor Terry Crews explains why he’s never felt better on an intermittent fasting diet

Every so often a diet will gain mainstream attention when a celebrity announces their ‘stunning’ weight loss and improved health from just days of dieting. While tabloid-oriented stories such as these don’t always tell the full story, every so often a diet will impress not just anecdotally, but also scientifically, and that’s when a fuller story starts to develop.

This week, American actor and former NFL star Terry Crews spoke about his success with intermittent fasting (IF), which he says has been pivotal to helping him keep in shape (and he’s quite a muscular man).

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