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Physical activity for a healthy weight: an exercise in futility?

Two years ago, a report was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggesting that while exercise can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease or neurodegenerative disease, it does not help with obesity or to prevent long-term weight gain.

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Greeting cards company withdraws diabetes card following complaints

Woodmansterne Greeting Cards has apologised for the creation of a card which used diabetes as a punch line, causing offence to many in the diabetes community.

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Johan Kotze stopped injecting insulin for his type 1 diabetes a month ago, but how is this possible?

UPDATE: As of 5 July, 2018, Johan remains off insulin. He has been off it for nearly 12 months. He still checks his blood sugar regularly, eats sensibly and exercises every day. In conversations with consultants he has been told to keep doing what he’s doing, but his doctors are unaware of why he is able to go without insulin. He is scheduled to have another appointment with his consultant soon.

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Soul II Soul singer Melissa Bell passes away from complications of diabetes

Melissa Bell, singer for the acclaimed British group Soul II Soul, passed away on 29 August 2017. Her daughter, former X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burke has paid tribute to her mum. She also took the opportunity to speak of the difficulties brought on by the complications of diabetes.

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