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Breakfast ideas for Christmas day

Do you eat breakfast on Christmas Day? Whilst some people prefer to fast until lunchtime (fasting can also have many health benefits) some people may enjoy sitting down with their family and enjoy a festive breakfast or brunch.

For those of you who do enjoy breakfast or brunch, we’ve put together some quick and easy low carb recipe ideas to kickstart your Christmas Day.

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Your foolproof low carb Christmas dinner planner

Christmas Day can seem like a whirlwind of peeling veg, stuffing the turkey and prepping sprouts. There’s always that worry that you’ve forgotten something. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Our foolproof low carb Christmas dinner planner will be sure to help you prepare for a stress-free Christmas.

As well as including suggestions for what to cook on Christmas Day, we’ve also included ideas for what you might want to prepare in advance, to ensure the big day runs a bit more smoothly.

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The gift of buying good Christmas presents for someone with diabetes

Unsure of what to buy either a family member or friend with diabetes this Christmas? Remember one key thing: it all depends on the recipient.

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Nutrition is a Science: Women of Influence

This year marked both the Association for Nutrition’s (AfN) 10th anniversary and 100 years since some women first got the vote. To celebrate both of these milestones, the AfN ran talks and an exhibition at their annual general meeting which highlighted the roles that women have played in nutritional science over the years.

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Christmas traditions from around the world

What does Christmas mean to you? Maybe it’s decorating the Christmas tree or enjoying a mince pie with mulled wine. All over the world, different countries have their own traditions for how they celebrate this time of year. For some it’s a religious holiday, whereas others might travel the world.

So, whether it be a BBQ on the beach in Australia or eating fried chicken in Japan, here are some weird yet wonderful traditions from around the world to celebrate this festive period.

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