Author - Elizabeth Rowley

Guest blog: Syrians in urgent need of insulin and diabetes supplies

According to the UN special envoy for Syria, an estimated 400,000 people have been killed in the past five years of civil war. There have been thousands of deaths alone among those trying to cross the Mediterranean to safety.

War and violence damages people’s lives in unthinkable ways. It takes away basic things like shelter, food and other necessities. What if, on top of the horrors of war, you had to find a way to treat and manage your type 1 diabetes amidst the crisis?

Last year, an 11-year-old Syrian girl died after having her insulin thrown overboard a raft by smugglers, while pioneers such as Ernest Sterzer and Eva Saxl survived World War II despite having limited insulin.

As someone with type 1 diabetes myself, I can only imagine the stress, anxiety, and unwell state I would be in without regular access to insulin, syringes, or test strips. We must remember that this is reality for many people.

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Guest blog: Diabetes charity’s survey examines cost of worldwide supplies

Given the technological developments within diabetes research, it’s hard to fathom how anyone living with diabetes should go into debt or die an early death because of the outrageous prices for insulin and supplies.

T1International, a diabetes charity, launched a worldwide survey in March of 2016 to explore the costs that people pay out of pocket for things like insulin, test strips, and other diabetes costs. We have now received over 200 responses from more than 40 countries. What we found confirmed our concerns about the unaffordability of insulin and diabetes supplies worldwide, and some of the survey data that was gathered is quite alarming.

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Guest blog: Charities call for #insulin4all on World Diabetes Day

Insulin, test strips, and other diabetes supplies mean the difference between life and death for people with type 1 diabetes.  That is why the Access Alliance, a group of like-minded organisations that support people with diabetes around the world, has come together for a second year to push for #insulin4all around World Diabetes Day.

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