Author - Kasey Coff

SMARTER Planning

You know about SMART goals – it’s a catchy mnemonic device. But have you tried putting the concept into practice?

S: specific
M: meaningful
A: achievable
R: relevant
T: timebound

Some bright spark added a couple more, to make “smartER”:

E: evaluate
R: reward

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Positive Spinning

Last Thursday was that most quintessential of American holidays, Thanksgiving.

Now and then someone will ask me “What’s the reason for Thanksgiving? Why is it a holiday?”

My stock – cheeky – answer is “To celebrate overeating!”

The true meaning, of course, is in the name: it’s a time to reflect, to appreciate the blessings of life and to focus on what we have, rather than what we have not.

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Traffic Lights

You’re probably familiar with the traffic-light nutrition labels – more companies are using them, even some supermarkets have adopted them. There is still a lot of discussion – will they truly impact eating habits? – but in the meantime, you see them cropping up more frequently.

It’s an easy at-a-glance first-level filter to help you determine how – or whether – to fit certain foods into your eating plan.

What if you extended the system? What if you used it as a guide to customize a personal plan?

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The Journey So Far

The results of the glucose test show you’ve developed diabetes, Type 2 diabetes.

Just so many words. That’s all it took to change my life.

It’s not that I hadn’t heard of diabetes. My grandfather was diagnosed with Type 2 before he was 40 – that was around 1950 – and I grew up hearing “Grampa can’t eat that because of his diabetes” and “We need to get some saccharin because Grampa uses it instead of sugar.”

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