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The dog nobody wants to adopt – because he has diabetes

This is Benji (on the left). He’s a Patterdale Terrier up for adoption. It’s been seven years since ten-year-old Benji had a home. And that’s because Benji has diabetes. Unlike most dogs, he needs an insulin injection every 12 hours.

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Cinnamon and diabetes: 7 benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is a naturally sweet but sugar-free spice that comes from the bark of wild cinnamon trees. Studies suggest that it offers a lot of benefits for people with diabetes.

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6 benefits of drinking tea for people with diabetes

We’ve known for years that tea is good for you. In fact, it’s often known as a “superdrink”. But did you know that tea offers specific benefits for people with diabetes (diabeteas)?

Unfortunately for those of us who like a milky brew, the health benefits only come from black or green tea. No sugar, no milk, no herbal tea.

We’ve looked at six benefits of drinking tea for people with diabetes.

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11 low-carb snack ideas for people with diabetes

There’s a perception of snacking as being inherently bad. Any eating done between meals, people think, should be a great source of shame, particularly for people with diabetes.

We disagree. If you make healthy choices, a bit of between-meal munching is no problem at all.

Here are 11 of the most convenient, quick-to-make low-carb snacks around.

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Matthew Powell lost both his wife and daughter to type 1 diabetes

When Matthew Powell’s daughter Katie died, it wasn’t the first time he had lost a loved one to complications of type 1 diabetes. His first wife, Sheridan, had died of diabetes-related kidney disease 17 years earlier, at the age of just 29.

Now Mr. Powell, 47, is determined to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes for everyone who doesn’t understand how serious it can be.

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The sweetener, found in tequila, that’s good for people with diabetes

Earlier in October, we learned that a glass of red wine with dinner could help you control your blood glucose. Just one, mind you. The researchers were quick to point that guzzling bottles of the stuff would do your glucose control no favours at all.

Turns out red wine isn’t alone in this respect. News from Mexico says a sweetener found in tequila might have a similar effect.

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The boy with type 1 diabetes who is allergic to insulin

There is nobody else in Britain like Taylor Banks. Like thousands, he has type 1 diabetes. But unlike them, Taylor is allergic to insulin.

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Mother refuses to give her type 1 daughter insulin, fears she will become “dependent” on it

A mother in Ireland won’t allow doctors to treat her daughter – who has type 1 diabetes – with insulin. She doesn’t want her to become dependent on it.

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17 inspirational messages for people with diabetes

Whether these messages inspire you, remind you that you’re not alone, or simply raise a smile, they’re guaranteed to help you out on those days that diabetes wears you down.

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Sugar and carbs: which fruits contain the most/least?

There’s a long-running debate about fruit. Should people with diabetes eat it? If so, how much?

The short answer is: Yes, a bit. Fruit is full of vitamins and minerals. It provides nutrition that’s essential for anybody, diabetic or not. Don’t leave fruit out of your diet altogether.

That said, fruit tends to be quite high in sugar. Too much, and you may find it difficult to keep blood glucose levels under control.

But which are the best (and the worst) fruits for people with diabetes, in terms of sugar? Let’s take a look.

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