Author - Mike Watts

5 things you didn’t know about Frederick Banting (or maybe you did?)

Ninety-five years ago Dr Frederick Banting graced the front cover of Time Magazine due to his unbelievable contribution within the field of diabetes treatment.

Banting’s work led to the understanding of how insulin works, how it can be isolated and, importantly, how it can be used to manually manage blood sugar levels in people with an affected pancreas. But saving the lives of millions of people across the globe isn’t the only impressive thing about the man. How many of these facts about Banting did you know?

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Dr Unwin’s latest research into glycemic index could reform diabetes diet advice

Can we all now agree “healthy” starchy foods spike blood glucose?

Carb counting is all well and good, but as a concept it is still one step away from looking at diabetes diet advice in the purest way. This could be of particular importance to the management of type 2 diabetes.

In a new paper, Dr David Unwin, Dr David Haslam and Dr Geoffrey Livesey have converted the glycemic index (GI) of some very common foods into the equivalent teaspoons’ worth of sugar.

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What is feline diabetes and how could it affect your cat?

Cats and kittens can be a handful. They stand on our laptops while we are trying to work, and wake us up by tickling us with their tails, but they constantly claim our hearts with their fluffiness.

Unfortunately, some owners find out that their cat has developed feline diabetes, and have to make extra sure that their pets are fit and healthy.

The earlier the condition is spotted, the better. Do you know how to tell if your cat is running high blood sugar levels?

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What are the 6 stages of sugar withdrawal?

Sugar features prominently in modern life. Many of us love it despite knowing it does bad things to our bodies.

Those with diabetes who have trekked the long, bitter journey to sugar-freedom will be well acquainted with the difficult stages of sugar withdrawal but will ultimately know that the fight is well worthwhile.

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