Author - Mollie Way

11 common reactions someone with diabetes has when people talk about the condition

Anyone with diabetes, whether it’s type 1 or type 2, knows that people have many stupid opinions regarding the condition. More often than not, it is people without diabetes that believe the majority of diabetes myths, therefore asking the questions that nobody with the condition wants to hear.

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15 thoughts someone with type 1 diabetes has every day

A lot goes through anyone’s mind during day-to-day life… for example, “what do I need to do at work today?”, “I need to remember to arrange a doctor’s appointment” and even “what should I plan for this weekend?”. For someone with type 1 diabetes, on top of all of these thoughts, they need to remember many other things throughout their day.

How many of these 15 ‘type 1 diabetes’ general thoughts have you had already today?

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