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Amanda’s final day

Well my two week trial has come to an end! So here are my results……..

Weight- 10 stone 4 pounds a loss of 10 pounds!!!

I’ve lost two inches from my chest, two inches from my waist and an inch from my hips.

Blood sugars have been constant for the whole two weeks which is brilliant for me and I’m due my Hb blood test in a couple of weeks so looking forward to see if the doctor is happy that I have managed to control my blood sugars and my medication won’t need to be increased.

Energy levels have gone through the roof! Nails have grown and look fantastic. My hair feels much thicker.

I think the bottom line here is that Almased does exactly what it says on the tin! I’ve enjoyed being on the plan and will continue with it. I have already placed an order on Amazon for six cans. I really can’t imagine going back to how I felt before starting the plan.

I really love the taste of it. I think it definitely grows on you. My older sister didn’t like it at all but there are lots of different things you can add to it that caters to everyone’s taste buds. I really feel that the positives outweigh this issue if you can find a flavour that you like. I was lucky that I liked it as it came.

The recipes in the booklet and website are superb and the portions are generous. Lots of different things to try and something for everyone. Most of the dishes froze well and I usually cooked the quantities for 2 servings and froze one of them.

I feel fantastic and that is purely down to Almased. I am very privileged to have been able to trial it.

I would like to thank for bringing this trial to the diabetic community and I would like to thank Almased for making the trial available to me and to Katy their nutritionist for her continuous support and advice throughout the last two weeks.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and hope it has helped with your decision on whether to give Almased a go. I would strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to lose weight, feel fantastic in the process and maintain control of your blood sugars.

Keep happy and healthy!


Amanda’s eleventh day

So it’s onto the home straight!!!! Day eleven is over and it was my first day where I had 3 solid meals and one shake. To be honest I have missed the shakes.

I received my extra tub today, many thanks to Almased for sending it to me.

So I’m now onto the life stage which consists of having 3 solid meals with one shake every day. I only have 3 days left of the trial and I really don’t want it to end! I have enjoyed writing my blog every day!

I am due to have my Hb1 blood test in a couple of weeks and it will be interesting to see what my results are. As you all know I have had real difficulty controlling my blood sugars as I love everything that is bad for me. I had been really good for 8 weeks before I started the Almased trial and I had reduced my blood sugars but they have been significantly better and more constant over the last 11 days. My blog will have finished by the time I get my results but I will put my results on the diabetes forum. I will also get my thyroid function results and Im hoping that my metabolism has improved and my medication reduced. Fingers crossed!

Amanda’s tenth day

Here I am at the end of my tenth day.  Once again it has been relatively easy. I had both solid meals for breakfast and lunch and my shake for dinner. I must say that I always feel more hungry when I have eaten so by dinnertime I was ravenous. I much prefer to have the shake earlier in the day.

I tried the Chicken Tikka for dinner. They really have put a lot of thought into the recipes to make them extremely tasty and easy to prepare. On their website they also have a few variations for the shakes. I’m tempted to try the chocolate one but think it may fuel my sweet tooth. I think if I was struggling with the taste of the shake then it would definitely be worth playing about with the flavours but I really enjoy it as it comes!

Best bit of the day was putting on my work trousers and having to look for a belt! That was just fantastic!

Been looking on the internet today to see what prices are being charged for a single tub and Amazon came up the best at just under £14. I think that’s quite reasonable as when I am down to one shake a day a tub will last ten days. I will be placing an order very soon! I really don’t want to think about my energy levels going back to what they were before I started with the Almased.

Have also converted my friend who I went to see today. I have known her for about twenty years and probably saw her a week before I started the plan. Today she told me and I quote” I have never seen you look so good”. And this was before I told her about Almased!!!  Needless to say she got the website address and I had to make the cups of tea while she looked at the site. Think I should be on commission!

More tomorrow….have a good evening!


Amanda’s ninth day

Hello Everyone, it’s day nine and I have had a lovely email for Katie the nutrionalist at Almased offering to send me another can to finish the trial as I had mentioned that I was concerned I would not have enough Almased to see me through to the end.

I have found them to be really supportive in all aspects, from answering queries and general advice about certain side effects when first starting the plan. They really can’t do enough for you. Not only a fantastic product but fantastic staff!!!!!

Well seeing as I was going to my speed awareness course today I decided to take my shake with me for my lunch as it started at 12.30pm. Caused a bit of a stir and what with people’s generally nosy natures, it wasn’t long before we were all talking about Almased. The ladies there were especially interested. Always on the lookout for a great, easy weight loss plan aren’t we ladies! I found a fellow diabetic there and most people went away with Almased’s website and Jason went away with the diabetes website and Almased’s website.

All in a day’s work eh???

I found my concentration levels were excellent today and Im convinced it’s the Almased. With my underactive thyroid and my diabetes I sometimes have difficulty focusing my attention mid afternoon but had no trouble at all today. My mind felt sharp which was a great feeling.

Allowed two solid meals today so for breakfast I followed one of the suggestions in the booklet and had the ham omelette and for dinner I made the lamb stew. Delicious yet again! When you look at the amounts of meat in the recipes, it really doesn’t seem a lot but there is a seriously decent amount of food. Great news if you are a quantity kinda person like me.

So one more day with two solid meals then it’s onto the life phase with 3 meals a day with one Almased shake. I wonder if they need anyone to trial it for a year? Ooh ooh pick me pick me!!!!!

Hope you all have been great evening!!

Amanda’s eighth day

On my eighth day now and feel good.  Allowed two solid meals and one shake for the next few days!

Decided to have my shake for breakfast as I was going swimming this morning and knew I would be starving when I came out. Had lunch out , meatballs with pasta and a chicken salad for dinner.

Here is something for you ladies… fingernails have grown fantastically well over the last week! Now this may have something to do with not being at work but it’s a bit of a coincidence that I’ve been on Almased for a week and its packed with nutrients! My hair also feels a bit thicker. Having a underactive thyroid my hair is usually very fine but the last few days people keep asking if I’ve had my hair done!

Might have my shake at lunchtime tomorrow as I’ve been a naughty girl and been caught speeding do I’m off to my speed awareness course! Starts at 12.30pm and finishes at 4.30pm so I figured it would be better to have breakfast and dinner and take my shake with me.

Looking forward to my last few days on the trial and I can’t wait to jump on the scales. I’ve curbed my OCD and decided to wait until my last day before weighing myself again!

Amanda’s seventh day

Hello again!!!! Here I am at the end of the first week of the trial and its been relatively easy apart from the two days where I could of eaten a small child!!

I’ve done the same as yesterday and had my solid meal at dinnertime instead  of lunch and that really works much better for me. All my side effects have gone which has pleased me no end!!!

I’m a bit concerned I will not have enough Almased to last until the end of the trial and I have been weighing it out every time I have made a shake. I have already used a full container and about two thirds through the second one. I only have one full one left!!!! Yikes!!!! I know the person with the best blog wins an iPad but I think I would rather win a years supply of Almased! I love the stuff!!! Even better when you realise how good it is for you!!! I seriously think I will have it every day after the trial! I haven’t had an afternoon nap all week which is unheard of for me. My energy levels have gone through the roof.

Feel so good I’m off for a swim in the morning!



Amanda’s sixth day

It’s day six and I have fared much better today!  I swapped the solid meal to dinner instead of lunchtime and I haven’t been hungry today. Obviously this works better for me than having my meal at lunchtime. Tomorrow is the last day of the reduction phase then it will be one shake for breakfast and two solid meals. I really hope that I don’t struggle like I did on days four and five.

I tried another recipe from the booklet for my dinner this evening. I made the kedgeree and it was lovely. I have been really impressed with the recipes in the booklet. They are extremely easy to prepare and all so far have been delicious. Tomorrow I’m making the Irish stew.

I feel very good in myself and my energy levels are high. I will definitely continue with the Almased diet at the end of the trial. I never thought I would be able to survive on a liquid diet but this shake really does make you feel full and I now find it quite enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends. Both my sister’s and my mum have commented on my weight loss which to date is five pounds and I think I will definitely lose ten pounds  by the end of the trial.

My blood sugar levels have been much more stable and even though I am experiencing higher levels in the morning, which to be fair have always been quite high, I am very pleased with the my later readings. It’s the lowest they have been for quite sometime. Before starting this trial I had been really working hard at bringing my levels down and had been really strict for the last seven weeks. I do feel the Almased has really helped with stabilizing my blood sugars and for that reason alone I would stay on this diet.

I have been trying to add some photos to my blog but to no avail. Will see if I can add them tomorrow.

Looking forward to tomorrow and my continued weight loss!!!!

Amanda’s fifth day

So it’s the end of day five and I have struggled today. I found it so much easier when I didn’t have to think about food and since I’ve been able to eat one meal of solid food I’ve felt hungry and can’t think of anything else other than food.

The good news is the headache has completely gone and finally the diarrhoea has stopped so feel very good health wise….just can’t stop thinking about food!!!!

Blood sugars have been constant after lunch but still high in the mornings. I have taken a reading at 3am for the past two mornings and it has been good at 7 but is up to 11 by the time I get up so I’m definitely going to speak to my diabetic nurse about dawn phenomenon.

Going to try the kedgeree recipe tomorrow and also wondering if I should swap the meal to evening instead of lunchtime to see if that stops me focusing on food all day!

Have a good evening!!!

Amanda’s fourth day

I’m coming to the end of day four and this was the first day I could have solid food. I tried the chilli con carne recipe out of the Almased booklet and it was delicious! I decided to have the meal at lunchtime rather than as the evening meal.

To be honest I have felt hungry today. I felt much fuller on those first 3 days. It has taken a lot of willpower not to eat anything else especially when my nephews came round! I could seriously eat a small child!

The headache has subsided to just a dull ache but still have the trots! Had an email from the nutritionist from Almased who said the symptoms were quite normal as my body adjusts to the new highly nutritious diet and should only last a few days which is a relief.

Weighed myself again this morning and I’ve lost another pound! Woohoo!

I’ve really grown to like the taste of Almased and look forward to my shake. My energy levels have definitely increased as I haven’t had an afternoon nap for the last few days.

All in all the experience so far has been very rewarding.

Amanda’s third day

Well didn’t I speak to soon!!! After my post yesterday,which was early evening, I spent the next few hours on the loo!!!! Terrible wind and diahorrea! If I could have made a tune from the rumbling from my stomach I could have auditioned for Britain’s got Talent!

I woke this morning with a banging headache and I don’t normally get these. I don’t know if its from a lack of caffeine or from the diet! On a normal day I would drink maybe four cans of Pepsi max and umpteen cups of tea but I am following this diet to the letter so I would be inclined to think it’s caffeine withdrawal

Weighed myself first thing and oh the joy!! 10 stone 11 pounds!

My blood sugars have been good ( for me). My evening reading after my milkshake for dinner has been at 8.4 but surprisingly my morning read has been 10 and 11. I wonder if this could be ” dawn phenomenon”? I have decided to set my alarm for 3am to test my glucose level for the next few nights! Something else to chat about with the diabetic nurse.

I am allowed to have one meal tomorrow and Im not sure if I really want to. It’s been so easy to have a shake at every meal and not have to think about food. I am a little apprehensive as my whole life revolves round food and for the last three days I haven’t even thought about it.  I’m hoping having some solid food won’t make me want to eat the whole fridge.

Roll on tomorrow! Will be on those as scales first thing!!!!



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