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7 character-building struggles of living with type 2 diabetes

A lot goes into managing type 2 diabetes, whether you’ve been newly diagnosed or you’ve had it for years. The struggles are reliably relentless and require a lot of patience and dedication to overcome.

Last month, we looked at 11 struggles of living with type 1 diabetes – the type of struggles that, while massively frustating, can help build up tolerance for diabetes management.

Here, we’ll look at seven character-building struggles that people with type 2 diabetes go through on a daily basis (some of these may also be applicable if you have type 1 diabetes).

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11 character-building struggles of living with type 1 diabetes

People with type 1 diabetes can often find themselves fighting myths about the condition, such as correcting those who claim they can’t eat sugar, but there are also several other struggles that can impact day-to-day life.

These are the struggles that can befall people living with type 1 diabetes on a regular basis. They are character-building, and despite the annoyance they cause, they can be helpful in developing patience and resiliency when managing diabetes.

We’ve taken a look at 11 struggles that fit in this category. (Some may also be applicable if you have type 2 diabetes).

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9 struggles of living on a low-carb diet, demonstrated by The Simpsons

Adopting a low-carbohydrate diet can have numerous benefits for people with diabetes, including weight loss and better control of blood glucose levels.

Anecdotal proof of the diet’s efficacy have been reported on the Forum, while scientific studies continue to provide further credence to the diet.

However, a low-carb diet can have its bumpy moments. Meticulous management is required, and reducing your intake of processed foods and takeaways is important to ensure the fat you eat – which can replace the carbs you lose – comes from natural sources.

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13 moments when living on a gluten-free diet can make or ruin your day

A gluten-free diet can help you maintain a healthy diet, as you will need to avoid most pre-prepared foods. For people with celiac disease, though, it can be exhausting.

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7 surprising things that make blood sugar control easier

Being asleep. Being awake. Hot weather. Cold weather. Seems there’s no end to the number of things that can raise your blood glucose levels. No wonder diabetes management can be such an obstacle course.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. For every factor that unexpectedly sends your blood sugars spiralling out of control, there’s an equally unexpected – and often enjoyable – way to keep them under control.

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These 6 weird things could reduce your risk of heart disease

How do we lower our risk of heart disease? It’s a massive question for people with diabetes, who are already at a much higher risk. There’s exercise. There’s diet, but nobody seems to able to agree on which foods help. And then there’s having more orgasms.

Yup. Having more orgasms. And it’s hardly the only bizarre reducer of heart disease risk. Here’s six of them.

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Diabetes management: 14 simple tips to make life easier

It’s the little things. The little frustrations. The lost meter. The miscalculated insulin injections. The quiet feelings of loneliness and burnout. That’s what sometimes feels like the hardest part of diabetes management.

What we need is a few tips. 14 of them, maybe, that could help us work around those little, everyday grievances.

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National Vegetarian Week: 7 reasons for people with diabetes to adopt a vegetarian diet

It might be time to say a tearful goodbye to bacon. Increasingly, it’s becoming clear that a vegetarian diet conveys a whole host of benefits for people with diabetes.

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Grassy Knoll-edge: 7 reasons to get gardening for people with diabetes

Gardening is a great activity for people with diabetes, offering both physical and emotional benefits. Over in the US, April is National Gardening Month, which seems as good a time as any to talk about it.

My own gardening success is limited to a bag of sad-looking onions and potatoes, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

So let’s take this outside (in a nice way, of course). Here are seven good reasons to get gardening with diabetes.

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