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US actor Terry Crews explains why he’s never felt better on an intermittent fasting diet

Every so often a diet will gain mainstream attention when a celebrity announces their ‘stunning’ weight loss and improved health from just days of dieting. While tabloid-oriented stories such as these don’t always tell the full story, every so often a diet will impress not just anecdotally, but also scientifically, and that’s when a fuller story starts to develop.

This week, American actor and former NFL star Terry Crews spoke about his success with intermittent fasting (IF), which he says has been pivotal to helping him keep in shape (and he’s quite a muscular man).

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7 diets for people with type 2 diabetes and their pros and cons

Diet is a crucial aspect of type 2 diabetes management, but it can be hard to assess which diet you think may be best for you.

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