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An uphill struggle – why one father dragged an anvil up a mountain for diabetes

‘Big Davy’ Ballantyne did the unthinkable; he dragged an anvil up Goatfell Mountain -the highest peak on the Isle of Arran.

Why take on such a brutal, unforgiving task? To represent the struggle that his 10-year old daughter Roísín faces with her type 1 diabetes.

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“It’s not my problem”: McDonald’s refuse to serve man with diabetes experiencing a hypo

On the verge of collapse, Matt Brown tried to order a burger from McDonald’s to address his blood sugar levels. It was Christmas Eve, and Mr. Brown, a 38-year-old teacher from Coventry, had run out of the Lucozade he carries for emergencies. He approached the McDonald’s drive-thru on foot fearing he was about to slip into a coma.

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‘I was unconscious for three days’: Adult-onset type 1 diabetes

Hannah Postles was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 26. She had plenty of symptoms: she was thirsty, despite drinking plenty of water; she’d lost weight; and her vision was blurred. Despite having so many symptoms, her GP dismissed the possibility of it being type 1 diabetes, suggesting that she was too old to develop the disease.

Eventually Hannah was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but received little in the way of care. She describes feeling that ‘as an adult, you’re pretty much left to get on with it.’

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Why eating loads of junk food will cure your type 2 diabetes, and four other examples of bad reporting

Imagine someone who doesn’t have diabetes. They don’t know anybody with diabetes. The disease has never affected their life in any way, and as such they don’t really know anything about it.

Recently, however, they read something about the problems type 2 causes and the seriousness of its complications, so decided to look it up. And they read: ‘Why Sleeping Naked Could Cut Your Risk of Diabetes.’

How is such a headline supposed to encourage people to take type 2 diabetes more seriously? Is a condition that affects only the pyjama-clad really worth spending public funds on?

When it comes to diabetes, this kind of irresponsible (not to mention lazy) reporting is commonplace, perpetuating existing myths and creating whole new ones. These are just a few examples.

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Got diabetes something chronic

Chronic disease -this is the charming name that was given for the first appointment I had at my most recent practice.

I do wonder whether anyone thought that this phrase might appear maybe just a tad on the blunt side for what was in reality a simple ‘diabetic review’ appointment. It seems as though common sense has prevailed as they’ve recently changed the name of the appointment to ‘long term illness’.

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