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5 things you probably don’t know about diabetes

There is an excessive amount of information to digest regarding diabetes, whether you have it yourself or play a role in caring for someone who does.

The more you absorb, however, the more you begin to understand about the disease, and as your knowledge grows so does your comprehension of how diabetes is managed.

There are some things about diabetes that will you surprise you, though.

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15 of the best and worst restaurants for carbohydrate counting diabetics

Counting carbohydrates is done by many people with diabetes, either as a medical necessity or to maximise control over their diet.

For those who require insulin, carb counting helps to match the amount of insulin required for each meal, or snack, in correspondence with the amount of carbs consumed.

This can be done with relative ease at home, once practised, but eating out at restaurants can turn carb counting into a guessing game.

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