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Cerys and the insulin gang raising money for diabetes

Cerys is 9 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January this year. She’s a born star, having raised money for a boy with cancer and, since being diagnosed, for diabetic charities too.

Shortly after her diagnosis Cerys wanted to raise some money for the charity Diabetes UK. Cerys organized a tea party and had about 20-30 people in her front room helping to raise money. Many of her friends, family and even school teachers came along, including the headmaster. Read More

Six year old Jonathan swims to raise money for diabetes

Jonathan is 6 years old and loves to swim so he’s raising money for diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, by swimming half a kilometre. Diabetes is close to Jonathan’s heart as his gran and other family members have type 1 diabetes.

Jonathan wanted to raise money by swimming in July’s Swim for All event in Wakefield, however, as Jonathan is only six, he cannot take part in the event. Unhindered, Jonathan has arranged to do his bit by swimming the 500m distance at his local swimming baths.

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How did I end up here? – a brief history of my diabetes

As a first post, I shall open with a bit of background on myself.

I’m Benedict, the Editor of Diabetes.co.uk. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes aged 11. I felt I had quite an easy time through school as my twice daily injections meant I didn’t have to inject at school and was therefore rarely viewed as ‘the diabetic’. I confess to lying about my numbers to my doctors, to my family and to myself but I felt no guilt in doing so. By the time I went to University, my sugar levels were far from great but I didn’t view them as a problem at the time.

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