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5 times diabetes awareness went horribly wrong

All awareness is good awareness, right? Probably, but these examples are pushing it a bit.

All diabetes awareness campaigns mean well, and many of them have raised significant sums of money for diabetes research. Their hearts are clearly in the right place. But these misguided oversights draw attention to the lack of public knowledge about a very dangerous condition; a knowledge that is just as important as money.
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Top 10 ways to meet diabetes carbohydrate guidelines

In our previous blog post, one of our readers, H Myrie asked us how much food would you need to eat to meet the Department of Health’s carbohydrate recommendations for people with diabetes?

In other words, how much food would you need to eat to take in 225-300g of carbs?

So to answer the question, we’ve compiled a list to show how much of different items you’d need to eat within a day to meet this government recommendation which is passed down to us via the NHS.

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