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World Diabetes Day: different forms of diabetes

Whilst type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes amongst the general population, there are many other diabetes types.

As it’s World Diabetes Day, we thought it would be helpful to raise awareness by sharing just how many types of diabetes there actually are. You might be surprised!

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Dab4Tommy tributes flood in to raise money for type 1 diabetes research

A 24-hour fundraiser has raised over £2,000 for type 1 diabetes research in memory of Tommy Green who tragically died from short-term complications of the condition.

The Dab4Tommy fundraiser was posted on Diabetes.co.uk’s social media channels on 17 May. For every share over the next 24 hours, Diabetes.co.uk volunteered to donate 5p to JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charity.

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Starbucks customer reportedly finds ‘diabetes here I come’ written on his drink

You know how Starbucks like to write your name on your drink, but never get it right?

Well, over in America, a Starbucks customer in St Augustine, Florida got a lot more than he bargained for.

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17-year-old girl with type 1 diabetes accused of cheating after taking her blood glucose monitor into driving theory test

17-year-old Lowri Jones left the DVLA offices in tears. She had been thrown out of the theory test, accused of cheating. And all because she has type 1 diabetes.

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“I’ve built some amazing relationships through having diabetes”: an interview with NASCAR driver Ryan Reed

When Ryan Reed races, it’s not just for personal glory: it’s for everyone with diabetes who has been discouraged from pursuing their dreams.

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5 times diabetes awareness went horribly wrong

All awareness is good awareness, right? Probably, but these examples are pushing it a bit.

All diabetes awareness campaigns mean well, and many of them have raised significant sums of money for diabetes research. Their hearts are clearly in the right place. But these misguided oversights draw attention to the lack of public knowledge about a very dangerous condition; a knowledge that is just as important as money.
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Lack of insulin access – a major failing of diabetes awareness

In the UK, insulin doesn’t cost anything for diabetics who require it, but there is an estimated 50 million people worldwide who cannot afford insulin.

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Four young girls are all about diabetes awareness

Very rarely do diabetes and pop culture ever mix, but four young girls from the Unites States may have just instigated the relationship.

The girls are from Tuscon, Arizona, aged seven to-nine, and star in a video that is informative, adorable and extremely clever.

They cover the 2014 smash hit “All About That Bass”, by Meghan Trainor, which reached number one the UK singles chart and achieved international success and acclaim.

“Because you know we’re all about that cure, no needles,” are some of the inspired rewritten lyrics from the pop song that is sure to raise diabetes awareness among children and adults.

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